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          ABOUT US


          Dongguan Shuangli Tool Co., Ltd.

          Dongguan Shuangli Tool Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. It is a professional gun drill manufacturer with a large scale, complete production process, complete equipment and technology, and a high reputation in China. Its professional technology has reached the world's advanced level in many fields. The application fills the domestic gap, and the products are exported to Brazil, Russia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc...

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          Application area


          • What is a carbide gu


            Carbide gun drill is also called deep hole drill, which represents advanced and efficient hole processing technology. It can be used not only for processing deep holes (diameter-length ratio 1:250), but also for processing shallow holes (diameter-length r...

          • Four factors affecti


            1. Carcass performance Carcass performance is an important indicator to measure the performance of the drill bit. The carcass should have certain strength, wear resistance and impact toughness. It can be firmly drilled with needle-shaped alloys. It should...

          • Combination knife ha


            There are many types of combined tools. For example, the step drill is a simple combined tool, which is characterized by processing several tools of the same process in one pass; more complex combined tools often integrate several tools that can complete ...

          • Carbide gun drill is


            Carbide gun drill, as the name suggests, is a drill bit made of hard alloy. Because the length is slightly longer than other drill bits, it looks like a long gun. It is called gun drill. Carbide gun drill is often used to process deep holes, so it is also...

          • Carbide gun drills t


            This professional term of carbide gun drill is probably the first time you have heard it, but it has always been in a place only one step away from us, and it has been used by Duo Neighborhood, which has contributed a lot to our human society. . In fact, ...

          • Cemented carbide dee


            Cemented carbide deep hole drill, also known as cemented carbide gun drill, is an essential high-quality tool for deep hole and shallow hole processing. In the process of hole processing, cemented carbide deep hole drill has great quality advantages , Pro...

          • Improve the advantag


            Improving the structure of the cemented carbide drill bit can improve the quality of the inner hole. 1. Grind the drill bit to a geometric shape suitable for high-speed drilling. Because high-speed drilling requires the drill bit to have good chip breakin...

          • What parts are inclu


            Automation machinery accessories include: transmission parts, drive controllers, sensors, fixtures, electronic components, pneumatic cylinders, etc. dao transmission parts: nut rotating ball screw guide rail slider nut seat support seat coupling is mainly...

          • How to choose high-q


            In the high-pressure down-the-hole rock drilling project, to achieve the purpose of high-efficiency and rapid rock drilling, it is necessary to choose high-quality and efficient down-the-hole drill bits, that is, to choose different structures of down-the...

          • Four important steps


            1. Cemented carbide die blank processing. Cemented carbide wire drawing die cores will shrink during the sintering process. Different batch numbers differ due to composition, pressing and sintering processes, and the amount of shrinkage is also quite diff...

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