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Reload new application whatsapp in August on the iPhone supports three-dimensional touch

Wattsapp the company launched a new update to its application for iPhone devices supports 3D Touch available three-dimensional touch technology inside the iPhone and phones 6S 6 S Plus.

And users can now iPhone new mobile strongly pressure inside the talks on the images, and video clips, and links, as well as geographic location, contacts, transmitted or received to display a preview without having to open them completely as was the case in the past.
The new update adds nor Quick access menu that appears when you press firmly on the application icon in the applications screen, but the company will work to provide this list at a later time.

It also said the new update in support of the Arabic language in full, where it became interfaces appear from left to right user in the same direction in Arabic.
She said Apple's full support for the Arab interfaces in the latest version of EOS System 9, except that a lot of users complained about them, because, for example, became the slider is from right to left to lift the lock screen, as well as change the direction of the lists to become also from right to left.

The company has launched an update to be applied to any or feed system on October 7 / October this brought with it a new feature that allows adding "star" of the messages for easy access later.

Users can install the new update, which holds a number of Apple applications 2.12.8 shop where officially available to all users of version 6 of the EOS system.

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