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Priv phone from BlackBerry is available for pre-registration

Priv phone
 Priv phone from BlackBerry
BlackBerry company opened a space for pre-registration for users to get her new Priv factor system Android, before the device is put forward formally, comes open registration step undertaken by the company to give those interested the opportunity to get on the machine before the rest of the users.

Pre-registration is based on the phone giving the users who have registered preference to buy the company will notify the Registered when the phone is available for purchase.

To inform those interested in some of the specifications that have been confirmed and the registration page with respect to the phone, including the possession of a battery of 3.410 mAh capacity.

The camera comes your phone's lens from German manufacturer Schneider-Kreuznach Schneider-Kreuznach, was confirmed that the device comes from the screen measuring 5.4 inch curved sides.

The BlackBerry company has previously confirmed that it will launch a phone Priv factor system Android before the end of 2015, where he stated the company's CEO John Chen that there is already a phone called Priv will work system Android and will bring together the private protection and productivity system Bblak Perry and the best applications on Android.

The announcement of the phone as part of the results quarterly for the second quarter of fiscal year 2016 Blackberry report, comes after the release of many of the leaks that belong to the phone, and after that the phone is codenamed known within the company as the Venice, which will be the final name Priv.

Priv phone is the first phone launched by the Canadian company running Android, after the company failed in an attempt to fight the Android system through the private system BlackBerry 10.

The reason for naming the phone as the Priv that it will maintain the user's privacy and will give him the best protection known by the BlackBerry company.

Said CEO John Chen Blackberry: "The phone will bring together the best techniques BlackBerry security and productivity as well as to fit on the Android system in all its applications."

BlackBerry reported that the phone will be Priv slider phone pioneer in referring to the sliding keypad which will come by the phone.

CEO of BlackBerry and added that Priv phone "will not be directed only the average user but will also prompt for business."

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