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Omid Kordestani new Executive Director in Twitter

Omid Kordestani new Executive Director in Twitter
The new CEO announced the micro-blogging site Twitter Jack Dorsey on Wednesday, the Governing Council of Twitter's decision to appoint Omid Kordestani as executive director of the site.

Dorsey statement came about a week after his appointment as chief executive of Twitter through a series of tweets where Dorsey revealed that the Governing Council of Twitter has assigned former official in Google as CEO at Twitter.

new Executive Director in Twitter

The appointment of Omid as CEO, succeeding Jack Dorsey, who was the incumbent and who moved to the position of Chief Executive Officer full-time in Twitter.

He joined Omid Kordestani to Google Inc. in 1999 and held various positions, most recently senior business officials to the position of the search giant.

He wrote Jack within Ngredath "Omid is a proven leader and his potential long experience will help me directly and training as well as for the rest of Twitter officials, and will help us recruit the best people within Twitter".

The appointment of Omid and which is outside the framework of Twitter to confirm clearly what he said last week, board member Peter Cory Twitter Twitter that the test of candidates who do not work or are former belong to the company.

It was contracted with Omid Kordestani in Google in 1999 and was employee number 11 is part of the company at the time, and he stayed with the company for about a decade before leaving and works as a consultant for start-up businesses.

But back in the last year, chief executive for business and become a part of Google, Google and left this summer as part of the re-organization of structural own company Olfabt Alphabet.

Come and join Kurdistan to Twitter after only one day after the company announced plans to lay off 336 employees, or about 8% of its workforce around the world, as part of the restructuring process.

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