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Microsoft is working to address malicious software TeslaCrypt

Microsoft is working to address malicious software TeslaCrypt
Microsoft Corp. has released an update to the tool remove their own malicious programs, and the new update aims to save thousands of Windows machines that hit in August by software malicious Trojan "TeslaCrypt" known as Tescrypt which encrypts the victim's files against the payment of ransom.

It comes along with an update to the Microsoft yesterday launched a set of security updates in order to improve security within the Windows systems and filling gaps.

The measurement data with existing Microsoft recorded a significant rise in the incidence of recording TeslaCrypt file in late August, where numbers have jumped from about 1,000 in the case of undiscovered day earlier to 3,500 current on 24 August.

Coincided rise in August with a report from the Malwarebytes security company explains in detail ad Malicious software is deployed on a large scale in late August and bears the name of "malvertising", which has the exploitation and injury of many visitors to a number of popular news sites, including Microsoft's MSN. com.

There were a problem TeslaCrypt for the first time in early 2015, and gained a reputation Siah due to targeted users doing after contracting by searching for specific types of files and then do encrypts them encrypts the AES 256 and to request payment of ransom by the digital currency Bitcoin against a targeted on the key that allows access his re-open the files.

Microsoft noted that TeslaCrypt target files related to financial and tax programs, and try to blackmail users in return for these files to them.

Microsoft data shows that during the month of September is the largest number of injuries in the United States by 39%, followed by the United Kingdom (6.5%), and Canada 5.9%.

In addition to the presence of malware removal tool from Microsoft, Cisco has to provide an additional option to save encrypted files and issued last May.

Microsoft noted that previous versions of TeslaCrypt you store your encryption key file on the device itself, which allows the use of special victims decrypting from Cisco tool to decrypt their files using the private key stored within the device.

Microsoft added that the new versions of TeslaCrypt store the key in the Windows registry record binary data format binary data.

Kaspersky protection company has observing this shift in tactics and published in a detailed report about version 2.0 of TeslaCrypt, and you view their files and tell them that he was encrypted according to Trojan CryptoWall.

It does so in order to intimidate the victims and push them to pay the ransom because the files encrypted by Trojan CryptoWall can not be decrypted until the present time.

Microsoft has confirmed that the best defense against this type of injury for ransom is a pre-reserve, meaning the backup files in a separate media or cloud ashamed.

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