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Microsoft announces its plan to send updates for Windows 10 for smartphones

Windows 10 for smartphones
Windows 10 for smartphones
Microsoft announced its plan to send 10 for smart phones and Windows system updates yet officially issued where will cooperate with telecom service providers to ensure access update on time.

updates for Windows 10 for smartphones

The company said it will begin testing the Windows Update program in cooperation with 10 mobile communication service providers and based on the comments and observations sent to them, but stressed that the time for the arrival of the update will be decided by itself will not, however, leave the decision of any other party.

Microsoft is seeking this step to avoid problems experienced by users of the Android system. After the launch of a new update of the Android system is sent to the manufacturers and service providers to test the contact version and make sure that they are compatible optimally before it reaches the user devices, which makes them wait for weeks and months until the new update up to their computers.

The similarity of Microsoft's plan modus operandi of Apple in its own updates system, which sends updates to all users at the same time, they do not send it to providers Contact service, leaving them little choice because any delay may lead to security flaws as is the case in the Android system.

The company will begin to experience the new plan with users Insider program that allows the experience of copies of Windows 10 before officially issued in order to stand on the problems they may face and ensure fully resolved before the adoption of the plan.

It is noteworthy that Microsoft has announced that it will present the final version of Windows Phone system 10 in the month of December, through suspension developed by Microsoft in the official page for the Lumia phones on Facebook.

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