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Chromebook 14 new laptop computers from HP 2016

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Chromebook 14
The HP today launched a new version 2016 of Hasabha new mobile Chromebook 14, one of the Chromebook Chromebook, which is running ChromeOS quality, and the computer is updated to HP computer of the same quality which was launched last year with enough changes in the new model.

ChromeOS system and knows lightly its software and system performance and simple and comes at affordable prices and that was the main reason for the success of this kind of laptops.

Chromebook 14

The HP improving the Chromebook 14 of the several aspects such as price is cheap standard Pencchth where the price of the standard version to $ 250, features a Standard Edition screen of 14-inch precision 1366 × 768 inches, but can upgrade the screen to 1080 × 1920-pixel accuracy through pay an additional 30.

And it promised to HP using the computer for a period of 9 hours and 15 minutes of continuous work, which is an improvement in battery life over the previous generation of Chromebook device and who was working 8 hours births.

HP has also added an important improvement has been the shift from where Nvidia Tegra K1 processors to Intel Celeron processors Celeron N2840, with graphics chip from Intel HD 
Graphics type.

Computer and includes other usual specifications such as random access size of 2 GB and 16 GB of internal storage space of the quality of SSD, with USB 3.0 ports and USB 2.0 and HDMI and support for microSD memory.

It is expected that up to computer stores by next November 8 and a starting price of 250 dollars.

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