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Apple launches new update package iWork

Apple launches new update package iWork
Apple launched a new update package iWork specialized in document creation and alternative package of Microsoft Office on Apple systems.

Update package included all platforms available to a Mac system, iOS, in addition to a copy through any browser-Claude iCloud.com site.

The package is now on iOS users can take advantage of the system 9 multiplicity of new tasks and the use of a package applications with any other application at the same time property; where you could do a search on the Internet and copy the text from the browser to the application with ease.

The Apple launched the first stable version of the package on the browser after she was working as a copy of an experimental Beta for a long period of time, has also added the possibility to comment on the documents and review copies saved to restore any version even after the amendment to the document, also made it possible to share documents with other users.
The company added in the last update documents in support of iwork 06 and 08 on all devices, it has also added a new set of lines on the browser version with improved support of Microsoft Office documents.

And contain iWork package from Apple on the three programs is to create a Pages document, a program such as Microsoft Word, Numbers and software to create documents, tables and figures such as Excel, and finally to create Keynote presentations such as PowerPoint program.

It is noteworthy that Apple recently began offering iwork package free of charge to users who purchase Mac computers, also free of charge and all the systems can be used to copy the browser without exception.

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