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8 best sites for Backlink dofollow high page rank 9

Backlink dofollow high page rank 9

Backlink dofollow high page rank 9

Who among us does not know the importance of backward linkages and effective role in the rapid archiving of any site, especially if these feedback links tagged with the word that we want.
 What I would like to refer to it at the beginning of this column is a common mistake freshmen is the ignorance of them with assets Sioux and is the number Backlink, believe the error on the number of Backlink is a measure for the archiving and maintenance of keywords, where I find a lot of them are the creation of thousands of them special programs or are purchased Kkhmsat sites of services, for example. And this is what some people exploited in the sale of such services to them despite knowing the futility of the latter. All that matters is profit money!
This is not the objective, but rather Astgllt provided I pass my idea to you only.

As previously Valadd and I said it does not matter as much as the quality of these links of interest to your site Wrabt ten or nine of Big Range 9 sites important to be low PR site or beige have your site link thousand Rank 0 right.

We know that a lot of the major sites are marking Nofollow than not tells us something - the opposite of what he says a lot of people interested in the Sioux that links Nofollow is useful, I say just the opposite they are useful to create a balance in the external links where I say that every site must be 75 % of its links to the marking of Dofollow and 25% marking Nofollow
Or for the transfer of 50% each site separately either one of these tags is harmful to the site so you will not be a good position within the search results.

Now go to why how to get links to high PR sites.

The following is a group of well-known sites, but it is not known exactly where to put your links to benefit from the marking Dofollow of these sites.
Note that this method is sold as a service in Fives and other sites of mini-site services and sites as well as the Sioux.


All the links that are in the content, which puts him in your publications are marking Nofollow and also links that comes as part of other people's comments on Mnchurk are marking Nofollow. But if you choose to add your link by clicking on the link icon
Within "Share what's new" Valrabott will be marking Dofollow also notes in the image below.


YouTube of properties that allows you to add a description of the video, which lifted it also allows you to add a link within this description and this link Nofollow be the nature of the case.
The good thing is that your page on YouTube any profile allows you to add your website link, in addition to the possibility of adding the rest of your accounts in social networks. Of course Wrabt be marking your site Nofollow but added the rest of the social networking links Kvaispock and Twitter and wordpress be marking Dofollow also notes in the image below.
To take advantage of this feature just add your wordpress or tumblr the profile Aluoteobo to put your links in the account that you created on the site wordpress
Create an account for example Alyal wordpress and not tarikblog.wordpress.com and I put him Threads links sites on Anchor Text format
Tighten the account and the wordpress which it links my my account on YouTube to take advantage of this feature.


 In short, create an account by then I add my Berofil location where he was marking Dofollow also notes that the image below.


 Although the site is short links that put him in the section My Publications division of public LinkedIn profile.

You'll find links marking Dofollow.

You can notice that the image below.


 You create an account on the site wordpress - tarikblog.wordpress.com for example - will not be taken from you only minutes with the knowledge that this free service.
The new thing is that you can involve the articles of the inclusion of links to your site as the marking of Dofollow wordpress system allows you to choose between Alosmen and behold it in your favor.


 It is known that Tumblr is another notation famous like Blogger platform and to take advantage of this service Simply you can get the marking of links Dofollow when we involve the links in your publications to the latter.
Simply add the links to your site across the green icon as they appear in the image below.



 As everyone knows, the blogging platform Blogger is owned by, Google also all agree that quick publications archiving blogger. Additional feature in this platform is that all links within Entries publications are marking Dofollow.
 Now if you try to add your link in the comments in the code of any blogger Too often, the link will not appear and will appear like any normal writing notes as in the picture below
And even if the link appeared so be sure that the marking of Nofollow
   So he took advantage of the publication of your links within the publications, simply create codes blogger and publishing some articles and insert your links within these publications. The new publications were immovable and it would be better.


Site Reddit is one of the latter well-known in the field of bookmark sites allows you to publish any type of content - video, image, or even text - the beautiful thing is that the publication of your links are directly and without conversion (not via a redirect), and all of them are marking DoFollow.
That were not available at the expense of its rushed the matter and add your links across the tab that appears in the image below.

Conclusion: to be your link in all the sites mentioned is necessary, even if it's your life one day because these high PR links and safe in terms of Google updates.

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