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YouTube will soon allow the possibility of the live broadcast of the games from Android devices

Youtube Gaming
YouTube will soon allow the possibility of the live broadcast of the games from Android devices: Google Inc. announced that it will soon make it possible to broadcast video games directly via YouTube for all smart devices that are running Android users.

Said Ryan Wyatt responsible for Youtube Gaming during his participation in the games Conference which will be held in the city of Tokyo in Japan said that the front can also turn on the camera and audio commentary while playing before the user participation in the YouTube video.

Ryan said that this feature will reach to all Android users in Japan first because it is considered the largest market in the field of electronic games around the world.

Google attaches great hopes on its service broadcasting games, especially as it has entered into direct competition with Twitch company, which controls this area.
Youtube Gaming application did not admire a lot of users around the world because of its facades incomplete and its features as they say in the application page on the Google Play store, but Google has promised to provide a lot of features and improvements very soon.

I tried Google in May / May of last year's acquisition of the network, where there were reports Toich existence of an agreement between the two companies, but it failed in the end and acquired by Amazon, while headed for Google to launch its service live broadcast of the games under the name Youtube Gaming.

The broadcast games from the Google service launched in August / August of this year and can be used through the browser on gaming.youtube.com link or through smart devices applications for Android systems iMac or feed.

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