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Windows Phone System: the most important events during the week

Windows Phone System
Windows Phone System
Windows Phone System: the most important events during the week: This week saw a series of important on the level of Windows Phone System news such as the absence of infringement of patents by Nokia and the emergence of new mobile operating system Windows Phone and launch a new version of Skype application works on other platforms

    Microsoft phones do not violate patents

Court issued a ruling in patent courts that have held for a long time and worked the court to investigate any errors or irregularities by Nokia - Microsoft is currently - and ended a court case of acquittal.

The company InterDigital has fought many of the lawsuits with the company about the use of Nokia Nokia is pre-owned by Microsoft 3G technology to transfer data.

    Acer reveals Jade Primo phone

Acer unveiled a new phone carries Jade Primo name during 2015 primarily IFA conference in Berlin, and used phone technology Continuum located within the Windows 10 system, which allows transfer of mobile operating system Windows Phone 10 to the desktop system when connected to the necessary Balpartyaat.

And allow technical phones using applications and software for Windows 10 and supports the work on the big screens and is marketing the phone with the platform its own to connect it and turn it into a desktop system and the use of a large screen and when removing the phone from the podium attached to return to work a portable intelligent as a phone.

    The next version of Windows Phone will include 10 HotSpot

Microsoft made the announcement that the next beta version is the final of the Windows Phone system 10 will contain a copy of the mobile HotSpot.

This feature is where the HotSpot missing in the current beta version of the system, Microsoft did not provide any indication of the timing of issuance to a pilot version of the upcoming Windows Phone System 10.

    Microsoft launches a major update to the application of Skype on a regular iMac Android OS

He got the application of the famous Skype chat on a large update to a regular Android iMac or ABS, and a private version for computers iPad tablet, and Microsoft announced the royal company to service Skype announced the launch of version 6.0 of the Skype application on the Google Inc. and phones iPhone smart Android system, and computers iPad tablet, a subsidiary of Apple.

Microsoft said it added to version 6.0 of the Skype application on the Android system, new features, most notably the entirely new design inspired by the design "Matrellal Design", pursued by Google Inc. in the design of the Android system and applications on smart devices and services on the Web language.

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