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Wikipedia bans 381 user accounts because of dishonesty in editing articles

The English version of the global encyclopedia Wikipedia editor to withhold 381 user accounts, due to be freed articles present on the encyclopedia in exchange for receiving funds in secret of views with different interests to do so.The editors delete 210 different articles have those accounts were created and most of those articles from the promotional and publicity associated with such persons and business owners and mortals.And contained articles on biased information to specific parties and potential violations of copyright, was dissemination of information through the Wikimedia Foundation, which operates Wikipedia official in her blog on Monday.The foundation says that she believes that the amendment, which received the articles within Wikipedia has been coordinated by a group of one because of its similarity.Wikipedia is working for a long time to combat the so-called accounts sockpuppet, and often there is a set of multiple accounts is to use one editor in order to mislead and deceive the other editors
In spite of the creation of content Encyclopedia, edit, and maintenance is carried out by a large number of editors are voluntary workers, but that there are limits and controls for this work, including not allowing editing of information by people who earn money in secret to do so depending on the external interests.For example, in 2013 the opening of an investigation by the Wikipedia community to the English version on the charges carry amendments suspicious activities and accounts sockpuppet.The investigation pointed to the existence of a large US consulting firm had had established, edit and edit thousands of articles in Wikipedia to attract customers and the Wikimedia Foundation announced that the US company has used many of the fictitious user accounts.The Wikimedia Foundation in June of last year to change the terms of use to prevent editing for a fee without disclosing the employer or belonging to any site of the Wikimedia Foundation sites.It has become necessary now to Wikipedia editors declared the employer or client or any affiliation or any other place gets him to the editor to indemnify and advised editors who have a relationship with any different interests not edit the articles a way that serves their interests or in getting him the benefit figure as a result of editing.

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