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Why you must use Facebook Lite instead of Facebook Official App ?

facebook, facebook lite , facebook app
Facebook Lite instead

Why you must use Facebook Lite instead of Facebook Official App ?

Facebook is working hard to offer the users a better surfing of facebook social website , previously , Facebook Official Application was the only way to surf facebook from android devices ( and also IOS Devices ) , but after a long series of updates , the official Application Facebook transformed to the worst , so , to cure and solve this problem , facebook launche a new application to navigate facebook named : Facebook Lite . 

What is Facebool Lite ?

in few lines , Facebook lite is a small application than can offer you to navigate and surf facebook from your Android or IOS device simply and safely , if you try the Facebook Lite Application befor , you will notice that Facebook Lite is a simulation for facebook website when you surf it from the web using a phone ( m.facebook.com ) . 

what are the advantages of Facebook Lite ?

Facebook lite was launched after the Facebook official app , so he must have some advantages that never exist in Facebook official app , Exactly , Facebook Lite provide us a better surfing of facebook with no large using of internet ( if you use 3G internet connection ) , not only that , also Facebook Lite can work in any Device Unlike the Facebook official app that can only work if your phone had a large ram and space , probably , you must have 50 MB and 512 Ram in your phone to get Facebook official application work correctly , instead , Facebook Lite work on any phone , and never use big Ram or space .. is Really awesome :) .

facebook , facebook lite , facebook app

What is the Big Difference between Facebook Lite and Facebook Official App ? 

the main difference between thos two apps , beside the requirements of phone and usage of internet connection , is the Style , in Facebook Official App , we can see that videos is Operates automatically while you surfing at posts , also , it's take a very long while to load the page , and some times the facebook official app get slow , i really hate that -__- , but with facebook Lite , all thos problem are solved , you can surf between post in speed , also never blocked , and load very fast , and also you will never see the annoying ads of facebook ... it's really cool ^___^ . 

So i have to use Facebook Lite instead of Facebook Official App ?! 

Of course YES , Facebook official app is going to worst , instead , the Facebook Lite is going to be more awesome than facebook Official app , also , the statistics say the the users of facebook Lite is going bigger each day , unlike Facebook official App that being uninstalled from every phone each day , of course the must uninstall the app , is take a large space and a high ram usage , and very slow , i prefere to surf facebook from a browser to surf it from facebook app , also , Facebook Lite have the same algorithmes of facebook app , you will recieve notification of evry action in your phone like messages or comments , you can post photos , Emoji and other stuff just like the Facebook official App . 

So is your decision .. will you use Facebook Lite ? or Facebook Official App ?

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