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Why offer Microsoft Windows 10 for free

People lined up in long lines in stores when Microsoft launched Windows 95 twenty years ago to buy large amounts of money. Today, Microsoft sent Windows 10 for free to users who are sitting on the couch at home. This change in the for-profit model was necessary so that Microsoft keeps the same lady industry.Ben Popper of The Verge says that the main goal of providing Microsoft Windows 10 for free is to extend the user a difficult decision and contrary to what we know about where the company has traditionally been achieved income from the sale of systems and programs. But as long as not received part of the cake smartphones it is also will not give up in any way from the surface of organs gradually declining office market.Microsoft is betting that if there was a large number of people are using Windows 10, the developers will create applications "universal" It works on various devices ranging from Microsoft's Windows Mobile phones and access to the Xbox and future augmented reality across HoloLens.Another idea presented by Popper highlights the great change that is beginning to happen to profit in the Microsoft model, a trend towards relying on the model freemium model Fremiom any provision of the basic product for free and make a profit from associated services. This change was a necessity after Gone are the days that the high profit margins of the operating system because the market was tight and small competitors and there is a large permanent growth in desktop computers.Microsoft is looking for new ways to achieve their income without relying on advertising as do Google and Facebook, she wants to enter a greater number of users and then to sell them things Ihtajoha. Free and across the windows were the entry gate if it would impose a fee and sell it a year later, it is to consider the experience of the year and there are many who will pay to get it meet for two reasons. The first is that he liked and the second because it became stuck and out became difficult.Microsoft's approach in achieving future income would be similar to what you do and the paths of Evernote Box instead of the tradition of Google and Facebook.Windows is the biggest portal but there are other important services such as the availability of Office for free competition on systems Android and iOS closes the way for other similar applications. This is the user experience and interoperability one between your computer and your smartphone and computer tablet whatever system it runs.Here, the challenge could threaten Microsoft's new strategy, since even if Windows came to several million users, this may not create an incentive for major services that the development of global applications. For example, YouTube and Facebook will be on the user easier and more effective to enter them from the Web browser rather than Windows application.Personal computing devices market witnessed a decline rapidly during the past few years at the expense of the high prevalence of the use of smart devices, and contributed to Windows 8 in the deepening of this surgeon because of the user experience completely new interface that shocked by Microsoft without any included making it back down and return us Start now.Whatever was what to do with Microsoft now confirms that the company did not fall into the trap delivery Previous its position and not to respond to market changes, and in return Satya hopes the company that it has done a lot of steps - the painful sometimes - in the inner house and fix the problems carried out by his successor, Palmer arrangement, perhaps Microsoft returns and are able to focus on what really do if the profitability of new models.

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