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What is a backlink and how to get it

What is a backlink and how to get it

What is a backlink: We will learn on one of the most important things you need forums in order to get more visitors and reduce your ranking in Alesca also improve your site's SEO or blog and without lengthening at the forefront Valenntql to the topic directly, and I hope that you will take it, and also apologized to drop out of blogging blog for a long time but this was due to Acting other concerns.

 Let us know what is backlink: clear from the name that external link to your site or blog, or the basic definition of the Pac-Link is the "backlink is the number of links and ties to other sites of your website." For example, you you have a blog or a forum or site specializing in a particular thing such as News Altakinh and technology and also there are some forums and other sites in the same your field whereupon you are in agreement with the owners of these sites in the same your field to put a link to your site on their sites in return to put their link to their position in your site or what is known interchangeably advertising or until you announce you are in these locations for an amount agreed upon by the month and you are the owner of the site and this may be acquired backlink positively in your favor and in favor of your site.
Second, the importance backlink:

  Lies the importance of backlink First to bring more visitors to your site or your blog, a thing that makes arranging forums location falls Alexa and raise the PR's your blog, secondly make the search engine spiders move to the forums and this is the important thing as it makes threads forums Ttarcev quickly in search engines , so the more Allback Link had many private Allback Link Dfallo the better for your blog.
What is a backlink and how to get it
Third: What types backlink Which is better:

What is a backlink and how to get it:  We can shorten types backlink in two main types, namely "backlink nofollow (backlink nofollow)" and "backlink Dfallo (backlink dofollow)" The two months at all, so come with me to recognize whichever is best and what the difference between them with brief them. backlink nofollow: are links to your site but the property nofollow prevent a property search engine spiders access to the forums and as we know, the search engine spiders task to archive Blog topics in the search engines. backlink Dofollw: are also links lead the visitor to the forums, but is the opposite backlink nofollow They allow for search engine spiders to move to the forums, which give your posts strong archive in the search engines.

From the above it can be concluded that "backlink Dfallo (backlink dofollow)" is the best course because it allows search engine spiders to find the blog, access, and access to it, which helps to archive your posts quickly, especially if the exclusive and not movable and I know that the search engine spiders evolution in continuous and especially the Google search engine spiders famous.
Fourth: backlink's positive and negative backlink:

 backlink There are positive and negative of it is like anything else there are good and bad of it motivator but what is backlink POSITIVE ?? He Link backlink, who obtained manually and sites in the same your industry and your specialty is meant here the word manually is that you're doing you're on your own and you will know the plan in its part as well must be in the same area of ​​your site means do not go and is doing a backlink at the site is interested in cooking and you are interested in the technology your site !! This is a stupidity only. For the Pac-Link, which is called as negative is that which is obtained in an expeditious manner and automatic without any effort from you, however it saves you the effort and time, it is very harmful is Battiyk Pac-Link sites do not have any link to your site and can be foreign and you forums Arab so you avoid this and will know how in the allotted portion.
 Fifth: The way to get backlink Positives:

 You can get the backlink positive by searching the Internet for sites in your field and that the same is by, for example, that your site is interested in technology in general whereupon go to the Google search engine on the grounds that the best search engine! You then have the word "technical" and wait until the blooms you search results and then login to websites and blogs in the same your field and if the site owner has allowed the exchange property advertising you can request a trade advertising with him, and thus gained a
backlink to your site or you can advertise the site in exchange for the price of a monthly or You must be content with advertising interchangeably with one, but a blog Make a lot.

There is also another way to get on backlink positively to a publication in forums and blogs other for the forums and this is done by placing a specific topic in a forum, for example, Trident forum with not put any of your site link within the topic but be smart to not delete your subject and place in Thread the end of the source put a link in your blog topic or place a link in the forums Aamadaik at the forum and codes for it is by commenting large and well-known blogs
Sixth: How can you avoid backlinkd Negatives:

backlink we got him positive and I have spoken on the way to get it from him and the negative, which I will explain to you how to avoid and keep away from him as much as possible.

 Golden Rule: "Be very careful to get links to pages with nothing to do with the content of your site." My friend, I would love to tell you not to be fooled by the number there to submit topics his blog and says get on the 2000 Pac-Link for free for your blog or other numbers it, and then you say this is the opportunity, but perhaps who broach the subject does not know the seriousness of this backlinkd because it is done by placing a link your site in one of the sites which publish your link in a certain number of sites automatically and this is very dangerous as we mentioned earlier, because he could be foreign websites or is not in your field so I would love to tell you do not be fooled by the number and you'll never avoid visits and links exchange sites must always be sure Health Link puck before the start of his work.

Seventh: The conclusion of this topic:

  1. in order to get the puck Link (backlinks) and caution you use the positive ways in which I mentioned to you and must avoid random ways, and thus be obtained distinct and correct archive and entered the world of SEO the right ways.
  2. Also remember it whenever you have (backlinks) strong, whenever got your pagerank (PR- Page Rank) is also high.
  3. Look for quality as well as links and connections rather than their number
4. Search for your position in the high valuation sites and beige high Rank

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