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The most important additions accelerate WordPress

The most important additions accelerate WordPress
The most important additions speed up WordPress: Often I receive letters and inquiries about how to make codes WordPress fast and light, as we work factor "time required to load the page" has an important role in the Sioux and archiving your pages within the search engines databases as well as to a study by the World OVH company and rich for definition, of course, proved to be more than 50% of Internet users around the world are doing to cancel their visit to a site in the cases of more than two download page 2 seconds !!

 In case you are new in the world WordPress, and do not know how additions inauguration! All you have to do is go to my friend 'additions' and then 'Add New' -> type the name you want added installed and then click on the inauguration.
Before you start a in harmony with with what I write, I want to show you something important and very important to speed up the Aluwrdberas Transaction can not be carried out as soon as the installation is added, it is also the process you need to follow you, you are important in an article today you will learn about the most important additions accelerate WordPress only in writing, then I will repeat this explanation by video to show you how to deal with the additions after her inauguration and, of course, explain the video will be part of Aluwrdberas cycle within studied the most important additions WordPress that you use impact his inauguration.

The most important additions speed up WordPress

Add WP Super Cache:

And is one of the additions very famous, and has been downloaded millions of times and for me one of the best additions where this added work to create a "stored / temporary copy" of your pages Chalskrepettat and storing the images inside Mtcefaht visitors thus the next time the Bzaaratk the most What will carry will be downloaded directly from his computer. And this would be the main reason to make your pages carry in the fastest time.
In relation to the process of dealing with the WP Super cache easy just after his inauguration, go to Settings page and Flba most settings, which is written before Recommended, knowing that added only work with the Serfrat Appache Serfrat and is the most famous and widely used in the world.

Download Add Wp Super Cash

Add Smush.it:

This added work to improve images for search engines and in order to load faster, meaning they are reducing the size of the images while maintaining the same quality, and thus reduce the size of the images and the process are important in order to speed up the WordPress and make pages bearing as quickly as possible .
Smush It acceleration WordPress

As well as the added and the process of dealing is very easy, just after the completion of its installation, go to settings added you'll find in the "media" section and is the first thing 'Smush images on upload' to 'Do Not Process On Upload' so as not to be improve images during the lifting process because, according to my experience causes a lot of problems.

Each is important to a certain period of time, or the end of each day or even the impact of each new publishing process go to the settings of the added media and click on the Bulk Smush All my Images and is automatically will improve images that has not improved on in advance.
Download Add Smush. Et

NOTE: If you encounter problem with this addendum, I advise you as well as identifying the Add 'EWWW Image Optimizer' knowing that they Smush.it such as user-friendly as well as they are free as well.

Add Gzip:
Accelerate WordPress Gzip

Important Note most hosting companies already support this type of technology in Serfradtha so you have to make sure first is it enabled or not through the site checkgzipcompression in the case and her grandmother is disabled may inauguration Add enables you to Gzip technique that you transfer data between the server (that exists upon your location) and the visitor's browser, then the browser will automatically unzip Zguet and data must show to the visitor.
Download Add Gzip

Of course in every area than reported at the top there are at least 3 additions are the same process, but I recorded all the additions always use them, so my friend the reader feel free to join us your thoughts if you prefer other well.

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