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The importance of marketing activity

The importance of marketing activity
The importance of marketing activity: Marketing plays a vital role in our daily lives, you are practicing marketing activity when you are buying a particular commodity and differentiation between the different types of them, and when you see advertising through various means of advertising, and when he answers the questions express your opinion in a particular good or service, not limited marketing activity on individuals but it extends to organizations of various kinds, as well as society in general, and therefore there are many factors that highlight the importance of studying them and Marketing

The high cost of marketing activity
Where the cost of marketing activity accounted for nearly 50% of the price that consumers pay for a good or service, and therefore it is necessary to pay attention to marketing activities, which accounts for so much of the item price even can reduce the cost of marketing, leading to increased net profit margin of sell the unit of the commodity, but it is noticeable in the current period that there was a significant rise in the cost of marketing as a result of consumer inclination and interest in fashion, and the increased attention encapsulates the goods, and increasing consumer demand for the services provided by the producers and distributors and to increase consumer looked forward to the new goods and add the development of the current goods, All of this led to an increase in marketing costs, and the continued increase in marketing costs represent consumers pay in exchange for his freedom in the selection of peer-item or service when you get them, where the consumer can choose between many types and configurations and to enjoy
A lot of services when and after obtaining the Item

The question now: Can reduce the marketing costs? There is no doubt that there is great difficulty in marketing the reduction However, this can be through the fixed costs of the activity catalog reduction, and increase inventory turnover rates, and reduce the exhaust rate and stagnant sales, and increase the flow of goods to the consumer, and in general should improve performance in marketing Position

Marketing activity provides opportunities for employment
Marketing activity provides many employment opportunities, in terms of marketing activities to accommodate part of the employment, in the United States, for example, the proportion ranged from working in the marketing activities between 30-35% of the total number of employees, also works in the commercial sector in Saudi Arabia about 28% of Total's strong operating in the Kingdom

And increases the importance of marketing as a source of employment opportunities that it has become not only business organizations is limited, but applied also in service organizations (health - transport - tourism - hospitality - cinema ... etc), as individuals in the distribution of large numbers installations works, works for producers number strong sales of large, next to working in marketing research and advertising agencies, which placed the importance of marketing activity as a source of job opportunities.

Marketing encourages innovation and growth
Marketing ensures the organization to recover money that has been spent on the process of producing or buying a commodity and therefore the organization to ensure continuity and growth, and the success in marketing of goods and services organizations to encourage development and innovation, requires the efficient marketing activities and private Marketing Research Activity

Marketing creates benefits
Marketing activities contribute
  In the creation of spatial benefit, and the benefit of time, benefit-possessory
Productive activities contribute
In the creation of formal benefit
- Spatial benefit:
Item means of providing places of production in abundance to places where consumption of scarcity as a result of transfers
- Time benefit:
Production storage means from the time of completion or from the time of abundance to the time it is needed or to the time of scarcity
- Benefit of possessory:
 It means the transfer of ownership of the goods from the producer to the consumer or from the seller to the buyer as a result of buying and selling
This means that jobs are being created temporal and spatial and possessory benefit are the functions of marketing and not productive jobs, Valmnfh time create through the storage function, benefit spatial through the transfer function, and the benefit of possessory through job buying and selling, as evidenced by the following figure
Utility =
 Benefit formalism + spatial benefit + temporal benefit + benefit-possessory
= Satiated

It must be emphasized on the role of marketing with production in the creation of formal benefits through what he is doing pre-production processes from the planning and design of products, On the basis of marketing research results and generate to identify the needs of the consumer is determined Item specifications and characteristics, forms, quantity and timing of production and marketing includes a bonus on the above-mentioned benefits of the services provided to consumers after the sale of the commodity and after the transfer of ownership to consumers, such as testing, installation, maintenance and repair, and these services contribute to achieving more satisfaction to the consumer

Marketing achieves higher standard of living
Marketing achieves an increase in the standard of living for clients through the provision of many goods and services that satisfy their needs, and also achieves this by identifying the underlying needs and try to meet them and develop the current commodities in line with these needs.

Marketing to achieve a balance between supply and demand
One of the main tasks of the activity catalog is to predict the needs of consumers of goods and services, both in the short term or long term, and in the light of the prediction of the available quantities of these goods and services are produced additional quantities of them, including carrying out the needs of consumers, and what were the needs of consumers are heterogeneous and homogeneous, the Ali that many organizations of various commodities produced in forms and sizes, colors and specifications and pricing in order to suit different wants and needs, meaning that marketing activity must demand heterogeneous faces also offer non-homogeneous.

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