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The date of issuance of FIFA Soccer 2016

The date of issuance of FIFA Soccer 2016
The date of issuance of FIFA Soccer 2016: Approached the number of times the promo video-oriented views of the television stations of the 2016 version of the football game the famous "Viva", developed by the company "Electronics Arts" Electronics Arts, from 2.5 million after its launch only three days.

The company "Electronics Arts", specialized in the field of video games, has launched a video on Wednesday ahead of the official date for the launch of the game "FIFA 2016" scheduled for September 22 / September.

Highlights video, which came under the heading "nice play" Play Beautiful not exceeding two minutes, many famous football around the world, such as the Argentine star of FC Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi, and football legend Pele, in addition to the Argentine player Manchester England Sergio Aguero, but American football player Alex Morgan, the American basketball star, Kobe Bryant.

The company "Electronics Arts" had announced in May / May last that the game "FIFA 2016" will include a component of women's for the first time in the history of the game, and will include the game a number of international teams, including Germany, the United States, and France.

The company hopes to help the improvements that have been included on the game compared to the issuance of 2015 to make the game "fun, and just, and safe" for all the players.

And plans to Electronics Arts the launch of the game "FIFA 2016" officially next Tuesday in North America, and on Thursday in Europe, so for personal computers, as well as the famous video game platforms, such as Xbox Wen, and Xbox 360 from Microsoft, the PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3 from Sony.

It’s time to Play Beautiful.
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