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The best ways to profit from Affiliate marketing

The best ways to profit from Affiliate marketing
best ways to profit from Affiliate marketing

The aim of this article is not a statement ways to profit from the Affiliate, the vast majority know, but the goal is to show the advantages and disadvantages of each method, and what are the most important sites that gives you work Affiliate system, profit of Affiliate represented in three basic ways they are as follows: -

Payment to short pay per sale

 Here you get your commission when a visitor to purchase anything from the merchant site.
Payment Date in exchange for pay per lead

Here Valamolh register your account when filling or visitor registration for the particular model in the merchant site
Pay-per-action pay per action

here are worthy of your commission when a visitor to download or setting up or using programs or services from the merchant site.


Is more ways Affiliate common, where you convert your visitors to the merchant that site sell them goods or services, and when the procurement process achieved by these visitors will earn your commission for every purchase, which may be the percentage of the value of sales (like most sites that sell computers Affiliate system ) or a fixed and specific dollar amount (like most sites that sell hosting services).


* It is possible to get a large sum of one sale if the item is expensive or of great price (for example, a computer dell)
* You can get a great amount also in the case that the per visitor purchase more than one commodity at the same time from the merchant site.
* Some sites pay a commission for the repeated visit to the same even if the visitor did not come from your own site.


* On the contrary, from the foregoing, the visitor may buy the same low-value commodity (eg buy a shirt from the brand unknown)
* Returns purchases by visitors, leads to discount the value of your account after the commission added.

There is a lot of demand for this type of Affiliate programs, Fmoltk counted when a visitor to register in a form, and this form of ways Alavljet spreads in the areas of mortgage insurance and business services.

But of course it is, it's not that simple - Like the profit from the Internet public - where your commission is calculated that in order for each record must include the following conditions: -

 Validity condition
 For example, if you are promoting a model for the company from insurance companies that only based in the capital, and sent them to record data for visitors from other city Atemtd for the company's services to it, in which case your commission will not be counted
* Health condition: also will not withdraw your commission if the recorded data in the form of false or incomplete without Emile or phone number, for example.


* Conversion rate to pay for registration is higher than in pay-per-sale
* You can get a great commissions from your mortgage or insurance Alavljet


* Do not calculate your commission because of the unavailability of former validity condition mentioned.
* Do not calculate your commission because of the unavailability of the previous health condition mentioned.

Third: pay-per-action

Most who belongs to the Affiliate of this type include software companies or Web visitors that want to experience their goods or services services,

Features: There are waiting for purchases by visitors, only the product experience and well worth your commission
Disadvantages: the operating system or hard ware for the visitor has to Aenasb the minimum requirements of the program or the required service experience

The most important sites that you can work with it:
Commission Junction

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