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The basic characteristics of Marketing

The basic characteristics of Marketing
Marketing is certain features and characteristics from which it is

 Evolving process rolling.

The best evidence on this attribute of looking at certain types of goods and services and how they were shopping in the past and what it has become today. This feature in change and development and renewal of the marketing process resulted to meet changing and evolving circumstances in the markets and improve the development of forms of goods and services and types, and the need for their presence in different places or to the need to comply with state laws and regulations.

It is also marketing attributes

Distribution systems which characterize competitive,

It is constantly renewed use of the best methods to provide and promote certain types of goods and services and show less favorable than on other goods and other alternative services. And the impact of price in the buyer's decision to acquire the type without the other, the seller will often resort to increase inventory turnover and lower profit margins in order to increase sales and face competition. And rates of change in the ownership of marketing institutions as high as longer and require the exercise of marketing operations where specialized skills and capabilities.

It is also distinctive characteristics of Marketing

Focus on people or people in the performance of its functions feature,

 And achieve the argument that business life is the life of the people in it. Commodities being and services must meet the needs and wishes of the people, and bought and sold by people, and shopping methods and modalities understandable and acceptable to the people. But despite the importance of people in the marketing process, but they are not automatically governed by ethical standards. What people want goods and services they want or think they are supplied by means marketing is good or bad in buyer who personally controlled by the values ​​and trends and regulations states that represent the interests of the people of view

It is also important characteristics of Marketing

The dominance of small-scale marketing institutions.

Most marketing organizations, especially among retailers and wholesale employ one of them a small number of workers. Even in developed countries, the number of employees in each of them no more than five members and most of the owners or the owners. In terms of the amount of sales amounts of cash it seems more concentrated in large institutions. In the United States, for example, a small number of institutions about 3% responsible for a high percentage of sales to 30%

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