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The application of transfer unlimited files Portal is now available on iOS

In various different operating systems stores without exception, there is a group that does not harm the applications that Happy users transfer files from their device computer to their phone and vice versa, and at the same time each application has its own tools, but the idea is one which is the transfer of the files, of course, even if the idea one has to be a basis for the user looking for the overall application, which hardly need from the rest of other applications.

Let me give you an application Portal, which has proved himself on the Android system when launched in June of this year, how not one of the giants in the field of files and links the transfer of the company's development ,, etc. Pushbullet Her other application company, which comes like its name, so the application is available on the Android and shortly before now been put on the other EOS system, for the benefit of a larger popular base after Android.

Logo application Portal working speed and speed of file transfer processes, as well as Eetmarz non-provision of ICTs in size in the transport mechanism, and supports the transfer of files without affecting never to arrange and folder structure, and prominent in the application that it supports explore transmitting or receiving the file without exit the application, as well as feature the most important and is support for open any file of any application installed on your phone, for example, music file you can open applications you have installed.

Finally Incidentally advantages of this application are the same features on Android, and Osng download and experience the application, there are more features that Sodaha you to discover them.

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