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System iOS 9 more than in 3 days what we achieved Android 5 through 8 months

system iOS 9
IOS system has achieved 9 after less than 72 hours to launch the proportion of the use of smart devices Apple exceeded the 21% as announced Mixpanel specialized in the field of research and analysis company.

IOS 9 system and beyond in terms of the proportion of 5 to use the Android system, which use ratio did not exceed 8 months after the launch of the 20%, as Google announced in August / August elapsed.

It features a system update for Babylon, it provides new regulations for all devices at one time, unlike the Android system, which is available in part by geographical location and by the manufacturer because every company is working to develop its own version of Android before it launched for the users.

Update is not considered to recent versions of operating systems only to experience the new features, it rushes where a lot of users to install the updates to get rid of some of the security holes are discovered.

Google has tried to reduce the gap in access and updates to users through the launch of a monthly security updates reach users in real time to ensure the protection of their devices fully, as Samsung and LG joined this program to maintain a high level of protection.

And still more than 39% of Android devices running version 4.4 Kit Kat, which was launched in 2013, while the company is preparing to launch version 6 of the Android system and bearing the name Marshmallow later this year, while the iOS 8 system, which was launched year last user on more than 87% of Apple's smart devices.

Recall that after only 24 hours of the launch of the system iOS 9 exceeded the use of the 13% rate as Mixpanel said in its report, and is believed to speed the adoption of the new system back to provide a trial version of the pan from the system iOS 9 earlier this year.

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