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SmartThings second generation of smart home control from Samsung

smartthings home automation : Within the IFA exhibition in 2015 and currently place in Berlin, SmartThings company announced its second generation of private houses smart intelligent apparatus, and this is considered a subsidiary of the giant Samsung company that has bought about a year from now before a deal estimated at US $ 200 million.

Of course, it considered this proposal is the first of its kind after the Astkhozt Samsung on this company, and in this generation of the device SmartThings will integrate many of the accessories in the platform and place one, allowing the person to control his home smart with ease and that through the application will be launched on a system Android system the other EOS.
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And will benefit from the user in control of their homes through the cameras connected to the platform and the support for this Vedic broadcasting means that this generation Sakhn with much from its predecessor stronger processor, for sensors that are placed in the home will be on the person purchased separately on the device, where the advantage of these sensors is the notice of the person there is movement in the place or the presence of fire or smoke in place in place.

Most notably, the ability to do some things without the need to connect to the network Bankpotah, which is equipped with a battery of up to 10 hours in case of power supply Aanagata from home.

With respect to the price of these sensors as Art previously Sicon person purchased separately Ranging in price from 30 _ $ 50, and the master device will be available $ 100, also will be available from today in the United States and after about a week from now in the United Kingdom, to be launched in the rest of the world at the beginning of next year.

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