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Smart glasses Google Glass Google gets new name

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Smart glasses Google Glass Google gets new name
Smart glasses Google Glass Google gets new name: Google Inc. has launched a new name on the second generation of smart glasses, known as Google Glass, where he was a project name as Aura told the newspaper Wall Street Journal.

Google and worked on recruiting new engineers lab126 Company, a subsidiary of Amazon, where the engineers work on the development of Fire phone project.

And it manages the new project Ivy Ross formerly responsible for the first generation of Google smart glasses, and supervised by the American of Lebanese descent Tony Fadell.

Aura project does not contain Google smart glasses only, but the company operates within a range of smart wearable devices, according to the biography on the site LinkedIn for some recruits engineers to work on the new project.

The sale of the first generation of Google glasses at the price reached $ 1,500, but privacy concerns were too great, especially with a possibility to shoot video without any one to feel this.

Starting from the month of February of this year, Google worked on processing the second generation of smart glasses across a broad changes to the developers team-based project, and after that came out of the scope of plant "Google X" to become an independent division of the company.

The company got a patent for a new technology for the smart glasses synthesized from sensitive to the movement of a small engine and job determine the direction of the user's head and the movement of the engine installed on the user's nose glasses tightly to avoid the crash.

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