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SEO and social networks 2016

SEO and social networks

SEO and social networking sites:

SEO and social networks: 2016 Seo is a positive relationship with the social networking sites involved the more interaction with the words that are written content on social networking sites and increased their comments and their participation increased your site's ranking in SEO and appearance in the top spot in the search engines Google is received and sits on her throne

SEO and YouTube:

If you want good SEO to the high proportion of Mhahdt videos on YouTube must follow some important steps and commitment are:

video content where it should be simple video Introducing solid idea and away from the mystery.
 the title and in that step is a suitable choice for the title of the video content and has a relationship embodied in the video as well.
Description video where you must write a brief description includes the ideas contained in the video is received and a simplified manner so as not to be difficult for the viewer to understand the general idea for the video.

SEO and Google Plus:

It is worth mentioning that Google Plus has a significant impact on SEO and is Responsible for the content is arranged in a search engine.

Marketing through the content and cost:

The e-marketing cost by less content by more than 62% from the use of traditional marketing is received next to the advantages achieved by the company has been marketing the use of this ratio by 13% in 2013 from the prior year rendered rose.

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