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Samsung plans to provide smart phones in installments

 Samsung plans to provide smart phones in installments
 Samsung plans to provide smart phones in installments: Samsung is working to provide smart phones in installments within the United States, he told a source familiar with the company's plans for the magazine Forbes.

The company has not commented so far about the health of this news, but the source confirmed that the installment program will be available in the coming weeks at the most.

The Apple company has announced in the last conference, which was held on September 9 / September this for the provision of a new program that allows users to replace the iPhone devices each year, by paying a monthly subscription; or in other words, the user Bastojar phone for a year, and as soon as the new phone gets and it delivers it to the old company.

And based mobile phone operators in the United States on the contract system dramatically, where the user can installment phone in exchange for the signing of a contract with the company is committed to doing for two years, but that this type of contract is no longer appropriate, which prompted Apple to ask installment system for a year with the replacement of phone immediately after the newer version.

The Galaxy devices S6 Edge Plus and Galaxy Note 5 Last Otalegthm smartphones that Samsung, as revealed them during the event held today in New York in the United States in August / August elapsed.

It is noteworthy that Samsung has achieved the first position as the most brands are traded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the fourth year in a row, and came in a poll your trademark for 2015 classification, which conducted "BrandIndex YouGov" consulting international research, to gauge public perception of thousands of brands in various sectors.

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