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Samsung officially unveils smart watch Gear S2

 Samsung officially unveils smart hour Gear S2
Samsung unveiled a new smart her watch with a circular design Gear S2, and after a long series of rumors, and thrill by Samsung, where they presented rapidly earlier upon detection of phone Knott 5, said then that will be on display at IFA event in Berlin.The time will be available in two different markets, one athlete and the other two trims classic, sporty style will be available in two versions, one in dark gray, silver and other structure with a white belt, while the classic version will be available in black, with a leather belt.And provide time new screen measuring 1.2 inch accurately 360X360 pixels, it also works your Samsung Tizen system, and dual-core processor frequency of 1 GHz, and provides internal storage space of 4 GB, with random memory up to 512 MB, with a battery with a capacity of 250 mA, enough -hsp Samsonj- to work 2-3 days, and shipped wirelessly

And provide hour Gear S2 resistant to water and dust standard IP68, next to a variety of sensors, such as a sensitive gyroscope and sensor heartbeat, and sensitive lighting, and a sensitive barometer, as they come with many applications from Samsung, and applications of health and fitness, such as the application of S Health Samsung and Nike + Running.And supports hour Gear S2 NFC technology, which will be used in electronic payment across time, Samsung also announced the availability of a copy of the contact time supports the 3G networks, which will allow users to complete some operations without the need to link to the smart phone.And emphasizes Samsung that smart time comes interface smart and innovative users, make it easier for users to customize the interface and handled smoothly, and provide time framework capable of rotation, with the home screen button and back, which contributes -ovq Samsonj- heavily on access to applications and notifications.Samsung said it is working with a large number of brand names in different industries, to expand the possible uses of wearable devices, including smart car keys, and keys residential rooms, and a remote control for home appliances connected to each other.He also said it is working with many partners to provide a wide variety of different

destinations smart hour, in addition to a variety of belts for an hour, so as to help users provide many ways to experience their clock according to their lifestyle, as it will enable change through the push of a button.And it will be available an hour Gear S2 for display to the media in the IFA event in Berlin on Thursday, corresponding to the third month of September current.

  Samsung officially unveils smart hour Gear S2

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