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Reduction of more than 48% on Mstar M1 Pro from GearBest shop

Mstar M1 Pro
Among the Chinese phones and which have been manufactured with high quality in order to keep up with the intense competition for smart phones markets now is a phone Mstar M1 Pro

Mstar M1 Pro is a smartphone-type PHABLET and called the name of PHABLET on all smart phones that contain screens big show, and that being similar devices Altablt, but it is not so, and M1 Pro Mstar phone has many features and remarkable properties, which that would impair Admire and especially that the phone before the e-store Gear Best and available for sale to reduce more than 48 percent of the original price of the phone.

Phone Mstar M1 Pro is the upgraded version, which came after the first version Mstar M1, and certainly the phone Mstar M1 Pro is available on many of the characteristics that distinguish it from the first Alenchh of the phone where it is supported by a display measuring 5.5 inches with clarity and accuracy 1280/720, it also powered processor Media Tech 64Bit MediaTek MT6752 eight-core.

And a phone Mstar M1 Pro also distinctive on the level of storage capacity, containing random access area along with 2GB internal memory storage capacity of 16GB memory with the knowledge that they are expandable by adding a microSD card memory can be up to 64GB.
M1 Pro Mstar phone is running Android Android 5.0 Lollipop system, and the planar camera it has a front camera lens 13 Mijascal and rear 8-megapixel camera, high-precision and clarity and is able to capture images with high quality even with low exposure.

And the phone also supports work on two slices of the SIM card and it also supports 4G technology and rapid communication, which began spreading in the Arab countries recently, and it also features of the phone is a powerful battery where the phone is available on the battery strongly 3000mAh.

Mstar M1 Pro smartphone PHABLET type of large-screen display and sleek design level and is available for purchase now on the global e-store Gear Best and with all these features will not believe that the price of the phone is around US $ 136 only! Low price with a discount of more than 48 percent with the knowledge that Gear Best shop supports free shipping process and to all countries of the world, please feel free lot and take your chance now to get your copy of Mstar phone M1 Pro.

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