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Opera review the new logo and brand

Opera review the new logo and brand
Today the Opera Company detects the new emblem, which is its own meta tag, and that provided by the company's statement and form a new sense.

The company said through a statement on its official website that it has evolved significantly since its inception as a browser 20 years ago, the company is today more than a billion users of the Internet service every month, and uses about 350 million users from all over the world products and applications Opera, and uses about 1.1 billion people Opera Mediaworks services.

The company says that it's time to reveal the identity own brand new in line reflects what the opera company, Opera seeks to enable more people in different places from the experience of various services.

The company says that the letter "O" is still fundamental cornerstone of any identity belong opera company, and it has redesigned the logo so that preserves the character of the Red familiar with the majority.

The new logo tripartite Opera dimensional fast gateway for users to gain access to more content and more discoveries and more answers and more communication and more fun and more to maintain the data also facilitates user access for anything sought via the Internet.

Oprah said about when will be present in the brand new products that it may take a bit of time before you can deploy opera of its brand Aljaddedah throughout the network and that the company is working on it.

And will the new icon for the application Opera Mini Opera Mini systems iOS and Windows iPhone starting today, and will adopt a media outlet Opera Mediaworks new logo on the spot, while the rest will get Opera's products and services on the new logo over the next few months.

And it will begin with the Android system for Opera and Opera Mini for Android and Opera system for desktop computers to follow Opera Max and Opera Coast later

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