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Obama and Zuckerberg call for Muslim Ahmed Mohammed boy inventor time to visit

أوباما وزوكربيرج يدعوان الصبي المسلم أحمد محمد مخترع الساعة لزيارتهما 
 He received the American Muslim student of Sudanese origin, Ahmed Mohammed, who shot to fame in the world after being arrested by US police in the belief that the clock was invented by a bomb, calls for increased White House in Washington and the headquarters of Facebook in California.

US President Barack Obama and dissemination tweet through the official account on Twitter, which he said "oh attractive hour Ahmed. Would you like to bring to the White House. We must encourage others like children to love science. This is what makes America a great nation. "

For his part, wrote Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of the company through Facebook official page on the social networking site "the existence of skill and ambition to build a wonderful thing should be matched well received, not arrest. But the future for people like Ahmed ".

Zuckerberg added, "Ahmed, if you would like to come to Facebook, Vtserina meet you, continued in the construction."

The US police have arrested a US citizenship student and Sudanese origin, Ahmed Mohammed Hassan after he brought a digital clock invented in his home to the school, its officials Clean comes to bomb police and chained his hands and take him out of school for interrogation on Wednesday on suspicion of making a bomb.

The arrest of Ahmed, aged 14 years, from MacArthur High School near Dallas, Texas in the town of Irving, after it issued a watch with the deadly voice during a lesson of the English language, which caught him by surprise school by saying he had a bomb, police immediately summoned.

Ahmed said five police officers came to the school and took him to the center to investigate the events after inspection purposes, though his parents to prevent access to him during the investigation.

He also said that engineering teacher praised Bapetkarh, but he advised him not to reveal it in front of other teachers.

And he raised the detention of Ahmed fuss US newspapers which highlighted the news, and in the social networking sites which carried a lot of calls for solidarity with him and criticism of discrimination against Muslims and the rise of Islamophobia in America.

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