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Next Google phone Nexus 6P will be available with an area of 128 GB

phone Nexus 6P
Next Google phone Nexus 6P will be available with an area of 128 GB: Google Inc. is moving to provide the next phone Nexus 6P three different storage space is 32 GB, and 64 GB, and 128 GB first time as announced Android Police site.

Google does not provide most of the Nexus devices in the entrance to the memory card, just as is the case in iPhone devices, and was the largest storage capacity available in 64 GB phones are within 6 Nexus phone.

Any confirmed reports Nexus device information new 6P only because of manufacturing Huawei company which deals with Google for the first time, is expected to be a hybrid device - a phone and a computer tablet Phablet - high specification, without the presence of leaks about the price yet, but that is not available yet the site confirmed that the difference in price between the various spaces ranging from $ 50 to $ 100 at the most.

It is expected that the device comes accurately screen 5.7-inch display and 2K processor Snape Dragon 810 1.9 GHz frequency eight nuclei, random memory area of ​​3 GB. The rear camera are accurately with the possibility of 12-megapixel video shooting accurately 4K and 8-megapixel front, and the last will be running Android Marshmallow which offers a lot of new features the most important library software to protect the fingerprint devices.

The Google Inc. sent on the evening of Friday, September 18 / September formal invitations to the next conference, which 29 of the same month will be held at the city of San Francisco in the US for the detection of the new phones in addition to the product range again

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