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Mozilla released version 41 of Firefox browser

 Mozilla released version 41 of Firefox browser
Mozilla developer company for Firefox released version 41 of the browser for Windows systems, Mac as well as Linux and Android.

The new version includes a wide range of the most important updates to adjust the user to choose a personal photo and your profile, as well as the participation of bookmarks, open tabs or sites between all devices that use the same account record.

It provides Firefox 41 by Firefox Hilo Hello service for video calls ability to send and receive instant messages during a call from within the browser on Windows, Mac or Linux. Mozilla also made some improvements to handle Web pages, where improved processing performance shades drawn using CSS.

The version 41 devices Android also he carried a set of updates, most notably the ability to search by using more than one search engine, pull tabs down to close for users of Firefox on tablets, in addition to improving bookmarks management system where the system is able to detect duplicate locations to avoid added.

Mozilla said that more than 450 million users around the world rely on Firefox for browsing the Internet, as stated in NetMarketShare specialized research company that Firefox's share is 12% behind the first Internet Explorer and Google Chrome II.

The Mozilla test new tools to reduce the storage sites visited by the user on the Internet and prevented from fully track the activity while using the Safe Browsing as announced in a post published in the August / August elapsed. Performing as the first version was officially launched Firefox browser to any or feed system in which they operate smart devices Apple iPhone and iPad.

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