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Microsoft adds interpretation into Windows 10 within the PDA Cortana

PDA Cortana
Microsoft Corp. today announced the addition of translation tools Microsoft Translator to Windows 10 system within the PDA Cortana.

And provide new tools possibility of translation from English to Chinese or 40 other languages ​​including Spanish, German, French and Italian in addition to Turkish without providing the Arabic language in the list of languages.

And any user can take advantage of translation tools through "Hey Cortana" pronunciation to activate the PDA followed by "How to say" or "translate" to start listening Assistant to the floor and translated into the desired language immediately. It can be written as "translate" into the window Kortana and writing the word and language to show the translation.

The company said the new feature available in Windows versions 10 of the United States and China, with promises to add more countries as soon as possible. She added that, in the case of lack of understanding of what the user uttered the system opens a new page for the translation and inside the sentence to be written correctly and get the translation.

Microsoft has focused lately on the translation tools dramatically with the launch of instant translation feature within the Skype application for immediate talks, and application translation Ping iMac systems Android OS for Apple smart with the provision of support for hours Apple also smart.

The PDA Kortana receive voice commands or writing of users, and provide initially within the Windows Phone system before you add to Microsoft Windows 10 and recently to devices that are running Android.

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