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LG unveils intelligent sensitive transformation of home appliances to smart devices

LG revealed a small smart sensors turned the traditional home appliances to connected smart devices smartphone through its own application, and the so-called new-sensitive Smart ThinQ will be displayed in the event IFA in Berlin, which will begin this week, along with some new household appliances, such as smart oven Smart Lightwave Oven, and intelligent air conditioner.

And works sensitive Smart ThinQ to send different information to your application sensitive to the smartphone, when appended home to a compatible device, so that, for example, when mounted on a washing machine, can across different Hsasath know the end of the current wash cycle time, and sends the information to the smartphone.

It can also be sensitive to the refrigerator when linked to sending a notice to the user when approaching expiration of a particular food in the refrigerator date, also allows the installation of a sensitive Smart ThinQ air conditioning or any other home device, controlled wirelessly via the application on the smartphone.

LG also revealed through her blog also intelligent oven supports Wi-Fi feature, and allows owners to determine the cooking mode, and control the temperature, and also across the allotted smartphone application, also announced conditioner intelligent air, control it provides no wired telephone Intelligent, next to the reminder date change its filter.

The company did not reveal the launch date of these new devices or their price, but they just said that these devices and more will be available for display in the event of IFA until the fourth day of the ninth month of the current September.

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