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IPhone 6S better than a computer MacBook Retina 2015 in terms of performance

IPhone 6S
IPhone 6S better than a computer MacBook Retina 2015 in terms of performance: Got Apple's new phone iPhone 6S on top in terms of performance of computers MacBook Retina MacBook assess issued this year, according to a published device users at the expense of Twitter.

And got Adrienne Alpern of the population of the state of California in the United States suddenly on the phone iPhone 6S in pink gold after the calling in advance, where the expected arrival on Friday, September 25 / September this as Apple announced.

Adrienne and participated in at the expense of Twitter Photo new phone after his arrival, however, a lot of followers asked her to conduct performance testing Geekbench 3 and share results across computed.

The images showed very high results, where the device won the 2292 degree when his work with the nucleus of one of the treatment, and 4293 when his Bnoutyin making it the best of all iPhone previous devices, in addition to the iPad Air 2, as computer MacBook performance exceeded 2015 one nucleus which received evaluation 2166.

Adrienne also published a set of images taken with the new camera-equipped phone background accurately 12-megapixel and a video clip accurately 4K.

The leaked this week, the beginning of a collection of photos of the box iPhone phones 6S, where the cover is available in four different colors depending on the color of the device on the inside.

The Apple confirmed that the new organs for iPhone and iPhone 6S Plus will be shipped to users on Friday, September 25 / September of this, after the pre-application available starting from September 12.

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