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IOS system: the most important events during the week

IOS system
This week saw a group of important system iOS level, such as the announcement of the Apple event news and confirmed the likelihood of problems between Tim Cook and the Commission on Securities and the stock market and the arrival of the application Portal system iOS and the possibility of making the iPhone works as a drive the size of your thumb connects wirelessly to transfer files

    The announcement of the establishment of Apple's event on September 9

The Apple's announcement of its own annual event, which will be held on September 9 and is expected to the company through the launch of several new organs, particularly the iPhone 6s phone.

The company has launched a iPad Pro iPad Pro, which appeared around him many rumors, which some see as a competitor to the tablet Microsoft Surface, and in a surprise move from Apple, the company announced that users can Windows 10 follow-up updated by directly through Microsoft's new browser Edge Edge.

    Tim Cook may face problems with the Securities and Exchange

The CEO of Apple Tim Cook told a news correspond with the agency CNBC CNBC about the good performance of Apple in the Chinese market, following the results of the stock this week the markets, and the detection of a decrease in stocks, apparently an attempt by Cook to calm fears that the company Apple will not be affected by the financial problems of China.

What he had done Cook effects of the financial market watchers who pointed out what he had done Tim may be considered a violation of the rules of the Commission on the stock exchange and financial markets, and even though he is what happened may not mean anything on the ground, but it gives an idea illustrates how should deal CEOs On the one hand caution in their words and their actions and attention for each word they say and to whom they say.

    IDC research firm believes that the launch of iPad Pro device will stimulate the market

Research firm IDC believes that Apple will launch its new big screen with iPad Pro, which is expected to come from the screen measuring 12-13 inches.

IDC believes that the launch of such a device will spur hybrid devices markets or what is known as two computers in one, especially with the presence of peripherals such as a keyboard, to become closer to the laptop it to a normal tablet.

    IOS system gets the application Portal

It was issued a copy of the application Portal system iOS, and that after a period of application for the Android system availability, and considered the application of Portal, a production application Pushbullet owners an easy way to transfer large files between computer and smartphone device, through the wireless network Wi-Fi.

The application and the transformation of your iPhone into a wireless drive on a temporary basis during his tenure, and the developer to test the transfer of large files from Volume 1 GB and told the developer that has been working fully.

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