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How to use the content "CMS" management systems for companies building sites

CMS management systems
Any successful company today need to means defined by and marketing of its products and to continue to effectively and permanently with partners and customers, and therein lies the need to be for this company a website on the Internet knows it and, providing services and benefits, and acting as the link between them and their customers.

The selection of the building site on the Internet is important and essential too; what will be its impact on this company, and the majority of companies today tend to use a content CMS management systems to build their companies; such as: WordPress or Joomla or Drupal, while some other companies programmed site content management, which is often in a language of programming Internet sites; as a HTML or PHP.

We will focus in the focus of our article on content management systems as the best option for most companies.

CMS content management system:

- Definition:

CMS is the acronym for Content Management System means a content management system; where this system provides ready programming with some templates and add-ons that facilitate content management in the Internet, and using this system you can fully your site create, update and deploy what you want easily and conveniently without the need for any skills Control or prior knowledge of the design and programming techniques or the need for developers or programmers; where the management of the site through a control panel containing the texts of editors and tools to upload files, images and other site management requirements.

 - Sites that use content management system:

Trends vary webmasters who choose content management system, and these models, for example, but not limited to sites that can be used content management systems:

1. service sites.

2. Commercial Companies sites.

3. profit organizations and non-profit sites.

4. Departments.

5. educational sites and universities and schools.

6. personal websites and blogs.

7. programs and files sites.

8. news sites.

9. newspapers, magazines and websites.

10. hospitals and medical centers.

- Months content management programs:

Content management software are many and varied too:

But these programs months and most popular WordPress, Joomla and Drupal:

You a quick overview of the previous content management software:


Free and open source software, you can use it and modify it and copy it as they wish, the program is easy to use and panel easy and very simple control, enjoy a community of hundreds of developers, volunteers, and contains a lot of add-ons and templates that let you control your site as you want.

The program website: www.wordpress.org


Free and open-source software, award-winning several, is easy to use and Pettmtah a very strong community of developers, users and companies that offer free and paid services to support this program. It has a huge library of add-ons make it easier for you and let you do a lot of things.

The program website: www.joomla.org


Free and open-source software, and enjoy an active and diverse community, and contains a lot of add-ons and themes, which the developer prompt more than the average user; it needs to allocate and learn so that you can work on it well.

The program website: www.drupal.org

The question that always arises: Why select from these three systems?

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