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How to stop Windows 10's annoying Microsoft Office ads

How to stop Windows 10's annoying Microsoft Office ads

Microsoft Drops Another Windows 10 Update And then there were three. Earlier this week, Microsoft released a new set of updates for Windows 10 for the third time since the operating system formally debuted in late July. Windows 10 is Microsoft’s attempt to build a single operating system that can function on devices of any size, or input …Microsoft Windows

Microsoft is generously offering users of Windows 7 and up a free upgrade to Windows 10. Great, but do you need to annoy us about it in our system tray? On every computer we own or have access to? If you’d like to prevent dinnertime discussions about Windows 10, here’s all the ways to disable the annoying upgrade notification.


Thank you Microsoft for including ads along with this update. I kid. We already mentioned how to uninstall the update in our Windows 10 overview. And if you want to avoid Windows installing this update again, you’ll want to hide the update. Go to Windows Update and click on Important. Then right click on the KB3035583 and then Hide Update. Keep in mind though that Microsoft could be sneaky and include the notification with other updates. Microsoft really wants you to try Windows 10, and get as many people to upgrade as possible, so expect the company to continue to push it hard. Update:  The I Don’t Want Windows 10 app does this for you.

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You don’t need to upgrade Microsoft Office for the Mac. Get Neo Office. It runs well and does everything most people need. I started transitioning my business from Microsoft to Apple in 2007. I started buying Macs for my employees and running Windows on the Macs, so I could keep using my Microsoft Access database while working on a pure Mac database solution. The computers are more reliable than anything I’d used before. The Mac Minis are very robust. And they easily run Windows. I finally ditched Microsoft altogether in 2012 when I ported the data from my Microsoft Access database to Filemaker Pro. Now my whole business runs on Macs, and the Filemaker database runs from a real database server. No more worries about file corruption, viruses and the like. Everything just works. Life is good.

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But still — how often does one really need >>Windows<< nowadays? Almost never. Software is almost not a sold commodity any more. I remember when Best Buy had aisle after aisle of software for sale. Now, it has what, maybe half of an aisle (and nearly all of that games). Linux comes with an unclimbable mountain of free software. The game software problem is largely history with Steam. Office, which used to be Microsoft's only reason for existence, is now trumped by Open Office and more. The only reason Microsoft lingers is that they still have their (IMO anti-trust illegal) armtwist of all vendors that requires them to sell “all” their systems with Windows pre-installed in order to get the discounts that allow them to sell with Windows pre-installed at all and make any money. But as Microsoft is now screwing up device drivers (where this, along with games, was its real advantage over Linux) we might well be in the long awaited twilight of Microsoft as a company. Apple already eats half of their lunch, and Linux has taken another big bite out of the side. Laptops and desktops are increasingly rare (and increasingly Apple), and they are actively losing the tablet and phone races and are unlikely to come back from behind.

Windows 10 is already getting new features via Microsoft’s Insider programAs promised, Microsoft is continuing to preview new features for Windows 10 before they’re rolled out to the public. The company today launched build 10525, its first desktop Insider build since the official launch of the OS on July 29.There isn’t too much in the way of new features, but two …Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows 10 free upgrade revisited: seven more of your questions answeredDownload the upgrade?Can I download the upgrade, store the files, and install it about a week later? ErnstYes, you can download it from the Download Windows 10 page. Microsoft provides a media creation tool so that you can install the download on a blank USB memory stick or burn it to DVD. This …Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Snip annotates screenshots with voice notes and scribblesScreenshots come in handy when offering feedback and comments on any number of things. To lend a hand with that process, Microsoft has a new app for Windows that's up to the task. The software is called Snip, and in addition to capturing parts of your screen to share among your friends and …Microsoft Windows

Software issues: Not that many games (mostly Indies) and few AAA games (Valve’s efforts and collaboration with games developers have resulted in many recent games being released for Linux, however every year thousands of titles are still released for Windows exclusively*. More than 98% of existing and upcoming AAA titles are still unavailable in Linux). No familiar Windows software, no Microsoft Office (LibreOffice still has major troubles opening correctly Microsoft Office produced documents), no native CIFS (simple to configure and use, as well as password protected and encrypted network file sharing) equivalent, no Active Directory or its featurewise equivalent.

3. This is the crucial one, and so fundamental to Windows 10’s tracking that Microsoft have stuck the setting on an external website, which they say is so that it’s on one easy dashboard, but I find it hard not to wonder if it’s in the hope that we don’t easily stumble across it while browsing Windows 10’s own Privacy menus. Said website is colourful and cheerful and can play a video at you talking about how wonderful targeted advertising is. Ignore the bumf and instead go directly here and set both options to Off. It’s the innocuous-sounding “Personalised ads wherever I use my Microsoft account” which is the likely root of all this, because having that on means Windows 10 itself becomes a hub for targeted ads. You’ll probably have set up Windows 10 with a Microsoft account, because it heavily encourages you to do so with talk of synchronised files and settings and a OneDrive cloud account during installation, but this means the OS is signed into that account all the time. As a result, Windows 10 itself has it spyglasses on, not just apps or pages that you’re signed into with your MS account.

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