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how to start your career as a programmer - Tips and Instructions

how to start your career as a programmer - Tips and Instructions -
how to start your career as a programmer

Hello .. do you want to be programmer , a person who can creat webiste , programms , applications , do you want to be a Master on this virtual world ? so you need to read this article to the end .. in this article , i will give the right instructions and tips to start your career as a programmer .. let's start :) 

- if you learn C Language .. You learn Evrything else : 

Yes . without kidding , if you master the C language , you master evry other language . why? because simply all other programming language are just upgrade of C language , it may take a while to learn C language ( probably 6 month ) , but after that , you can learn PHP in just 3 days :) .. so if you want to star your career as a programmer , you better learn C language first .

- A Programmer or Web Developper ? 

we always say programmer , but the truth that there is the Programmer , and the Web Developper ( or Web Designer ) , the Programmer is the person who can creat programmes , correct the bugs in other programs or creat Start-up or phone applications and other stuff like that .. however , the Web Developper doesn't interested in that , the Web Developper can creat and design websites , or upgrad website , he is interested only for websites .. 
So do you want to be Programmer or Web Developper ? 

- This is what you need as a Programmer : 

As a programmer , you need some skills , first , i will tell you the best Programming languages that programmer needs : as a programmer , you need to learn one of those languages : C++ - C# - JAVA - PYTHON - SQL - OBJECTIVE-C - VB.NET ... beside the C Language of course , there a lot of language that you need to learn , but you don't have to learn it all .. we see why in the next chapter of this article , beside the languages , you need tools or programmes that you can work on it .. such as : Visual Studio , NetBeans , Android Studio , Eclips , SQL Server , CodeBlock , Dev++ .... 

- This is what you need as a Web Developper : 

As a Web Developper you need also your special languages and programmes .. let's start with the main languages that you must learn : HTML 5 - CSS 3 - JAVASCRIPT - JQUERY - AJAX - JSON - PHP ... , unlike the programmer that he need only one language , the Web Developper need at least 2 Languages like HTML and CSS , and you are free to learn JS or PHP .. , the main programmes that any Web Developper needs is the Exitor like : Sublime , DreamWeaver , Notepad++ ... 

- Why you need to master only 1 languages ? 

you must focus on this chapter please : as a programmer , you don't need to learn each language , you just have to learn one language that you make comfortable beside the SQL , and why the SQL ? because when you start creating your programme , you need to associate the programme with a DATABASE , and the only way to do that is mastering the SQL .
Unlike the programmer , the Web Developper need to master the main 4 languages (HTML - CSS - JS - PHP ) to be able to creat a full webiste, but he can start creating a basic simple website using HTML and CSS . 

I hope that you like my instruction and tips , and i hope that this article may be helpful for you .

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