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كيفية إستعادة الصور من بطاقة ذاكرة تالفة How to recover photos from a corrupted memory card

How to recover photos from a corrupted memory card
Memory card is which serves classic film in the cameras and through the images are stored that we picked, but these cards, although it one of the latest storage technologies that they do not hide from defects. Often linking the memory card from the computer in order to transfer the images to find out that the card is no longer working there and think I've lost all the images have up your command to nervous breakdown by the importance of those pictures. Today we will discover together some of the roads and the software used to retrieve images and files in that card despite Tlavha.

How memory cards work?

We are in the right place to take a simple idea and rapid mechanism of action that were not interested in you can bypass this point.

 Memory cards work like random cards in electronic devices we use every day, including the computer, but the difference between them is that the memory card that stores information in a lasting way until we delete it ourselves reverse random card that you delete information automatically after a short period of time or when you delete the attachment particular device. The memory card information is stored in a small storage slides ensure speed, durability and a smaller size. That's what make them turn to the most important element of the user store cameras.
Memory card from the inside
How do you lose or damage the information from the memory card?
The main reasons that compel us to search for a way to Estrada information:

Memory cards

    Delete images by mistake from the memory card.
    Errors in the card prevents us from accessing or viewing files.
    Virus in memory.
    Remove the memory and the camera operator. This problem found his camera manufacturers solution. Most cameras when you attempt to disarm automatically powers down after a memory.

    Contrary to hold to the manufacturer's instructions. Temperature, humidity ...
    Turn off the camera Pena works with files.

How do I refund of the corrupted files from memory?

In the beginning do not worry because it can be retrieved in the memory there is no need for anger, just try to do the following:
Do not use the memory card after damage.
If you delete files by mistake, try to avoid using the memory card, despite the disappearance of files from the memory they are still there. When deleting files from the card files that do not go anywhere, but to stay there and the new information is written above. In what you've prevented using the card after deleting files so doing, you will be written over the previous new information which may cause the information that we want to retrieve damaged.
Linking computer memory card.

Connect the memory card using a computer card reader, whether it is incorporated in the device or by attaching another independent. Do not linking the card through the camera.
Retrieve files.

In order to access the files to be retrieved we have to use a software program that enables us to it, are many, but I will put you in the order of most important of which is best for me:

    Recuva: is one of the best programs and the most powerful. It features a free copy, and there are greater advantages driven copy.

    Zar: a small but powerful program that analyzes more profound than its predecessor -Recuva- but since it stronger. In the same time is very slow in the analysis, the analysis of a small memory card may take hours Dat.

    Card Recovery: a pilot program in their respective fields specializes in memory cards and allows users to retrieve files, photos, videos, deleted, lost or damaged or Ani after an operation formic memory card.

    File Scavenger: is a powerful Alnbaramj in this area, although it is not free, this program is a good option in order to retrieve the files.

    Recover my photos: Recover My Photos program the most important and the best program to recover deleted photos after or after formic You can restore any image bearing one of the following formats: JPEG, NEF, TIFF, BMP, MOV, MPEG. Recovery also supports WAV format audio files.

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