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How to protect Android devices from theft

How to protect Android devices from theft
How to protect Android devices from theft: The caution of the loss of your mobile phone or tablet Android system, the world is self-evident, but for any reason you may lose your device, and hence the importance of installing one of the applications that may help you to restore it through to locate him on the map.

The simplest of these services Android Device Manager application development free from Google Inc., where you can take advantage of it by following these steps:

 Beginning install Android Device Manager application from Google Play store for free.
 When you open the application for the first time you will ask you to log on to your Gmail airmail.
In case you own more than one device running Android follow the previous two steps on all your devices.
When you open the application you'll notice a simple interface contains a list of all your Android devices and that you have already installed the application with the date of another Internet connection for each device.
Select the missing device and you will see the location on a map (need to be GPS enabled GPS).
At the bottom of the screen there are three options (you need to be a device connected to the Internet):
 Issuing ringing: You can make the missing device is ringing loudly.
 Lock: Allows you a password to the lost device status and enter the message wishes communicated to the person who found the device, as well as the ability to add your phone number to contact you without having to open the phone.
 Erase data: You can delete your personal data.

    In the absence of other Android devices you have, you can log in to your Gmail through any computer and then search Google in the device manager, which will be the first result of the search.
    After logging in you you'll find the missing device location if it was available with the above-mentioned three options, which you can choose what suits them.

The application of the device manager gives you more options that may help you save your missing Android working system, all that is free and easy and focus on the goal of protecting the security and privacy of the user.

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