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how to introduce yourself in interview

how to introduce yourself in interview
how to introduce yourself in interview: There is a fundamental base for sale, you can not sell anything that were not in control of the dialogue, and this applies more in a bid to get more work from the sale of a thing or service. The only way to find out what anyone thinks now is when he speaks is not you. This does not mean that only rely on listening, but you should be prepared to talk, but in time.

Think of the dialogue path If you answer a question employer "Tell me about yourself" to "I like to tell you about myself, but is it possible to ask some questions about the job Vyalibdaah?" Now you have the ability to control the path of dialogue and learn what it thinks the other. By Using this sentence you are now beginning the interview.

The following seven steps for how to sell what you have skills when you are applying for a successful job interview.

The first step - the beginning

Introduce yourself, smiled, took part and note what he says employer. Use the name in the modern look and show your attention focus and desire in the question. It appears that the body language of your concentration. He listened to everything that is said, which makes it speaks wishes to speak more.

The second step - the collection of information

Here appears the question, "Tell me about yourself," Let it be your response "I like to tell you about myself, but is it possible to ask some questions first?" When you agree, you will have the opportunity to ask some questions that will enable you to collect the necessary to know the information whether this function to suit you, or No.

The third step - Agreement

Here you will be asked the most important question, "What are the things you look for in applicants for the job", this to determine whether the job is right for you. If it was a fair price, this is the time when the interview ends a decent manner. Tell them that this function is not what you're looking for. Then by thanking the employer for his time and apologize to him and then he leaves.

Step Four - Display your skills

This usually step in which a seller will sell the display features. Since you sell what you spoke about Mmizzatk, the employer will say, "Let me tell you about myself." Make sure that what you are saying has to do the job, such as your education and your experience. You can share information about your goals Ooambassr Ouaailtk if necessary. And finally Ask "what .questions you want to know about my background" to make the employer speak again
how to introduce yourself in interview

Step five - Needing to fill the place

In this step will explain why you are the right person for this job. He tried to say something like, "There are many experiences can I add them to the company and this function like ..." and then explain how your education and your experience and your goals will benefit the company. This must be accurate, such as "years of experience I have in the work .. and my love for doing .. will help me make the company win more." And he took the talk to where the rest by asking, "Do you have any questions?" Once the employer asks questions about your willingness to work ask your date about where they want to start "when you want the new employee starts to work?"

Step Six - demonstrate a commitment to

This is the end of the sale, say "if I could arrange my itinerary to begin on the day, you are going to have any reasons for not giving me a job?". Unlike all interview sentence which ends "we will contact you," This will be a way to enable you to speak clearly with the employer. You have shown your desire to get the job if the employer's OK to help you you'll see a sign at the moment.

Step Seven - emphasis on what happened

This is good you out of the interview. Then saying something like "Thank you so much to see me and I appreciate the time you spent with me to tell me the necessary information about the job and the company. Hamas Kparlobdo a regular with the successful company. " This confirms what has been said during the interview and it is proper and professional way to close the conversation. Remember to shake hands with the hands of the employer when you leave
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