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How to earn 2$ to 10$ from your phone for doing nothing !!

How to earn 2$ to 10$ from your phone for doing nothing !!!

No , it's not a lie , it's true , today , i will show how to earn money between 2$ and more than 10$ for doing nothing , you don't have to install apps or register or complete surveys or any annoying thing for just 0.0001$ -__- , today you will learn how to get a lot of money without doing nothing .. let's start : 

How we can do that ?! 

All what we need is a small application named " SLIDEJOY " , Slidejoy is an android / IOS application that offer you some of ads when you lock your phone , you just have to watch those ads ( often times i don't see them :p ) , you just have to slide left or right to access to your phone , like that you will earn money . 

How to Download and Install Slidejoy : 

First thing you must sign up at Slidejoy official website from HERE , when you enter to the website , you will see " SIGNUP" button , you just have to sign up by entering your informations like your usernam , email and password .. after that i think that you have to confirm inscription with a link will be sent to your email .. and like that you have been sign up at the website successfully .
After signing up at the website , you need to download the Slidejoy application to your phone , you can do that using the links in the official website too , or from Play Store from HERE , After that , you will see that the Slidejoy application is being installed , so you just have to open it , and enter your registration info .. the application will work automatically and you will se some ads when you lock the screen .

How i Earn from Slidejoy ?! 

the Slidejoy application is work with point algorithme , you have to collect point , each time you slide the ads when you lock the screen you earn points , the points in your account updated after 24 hour , in the meantime , your point in your account doesn't change . 
you can request your money after 100 point , but they will not pay you until the 1st of the month , also , you can earn more than 50 point per day . 
you can exchange the point like this : 100 point = 1$ , 200 point = 2$ , 500 point = 5$ .... 
you will get paid using your paypal account . 

Is there any proof that Slidejoy will pay ?

i work on slidejoy for 10 days , i collect 280 point , and i request 2$ , than i recieve my money after 2 minutes later in my paypal account .. there is the proof : 
How to earn 2$ to 10$ from your phone for doing nothing !!!

So go ahead and start earning a lot of money using your phone for doing nothing !!

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