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How to create a professional CV

How to create a professional CV
How to create a professional CV: Biography is the title of the owner; in the first meeting, which brings together between you and the employer, which is the impression left by the official recruitment and initial image formed by you. Your CV is a summary of your career it is a document presenting your education, your skills, your experience and your achievements are special, and professional, and convincing., It is also a mirror that reflects personality of the author. A vanity as a self-certification frees you from unemployment prison; it may affect the decision of your choice for the job, so it must be fulfilled in all material data.
What most autobiographical elements?

- write a professional cv: Personal data: name, address, date of birth, and contact information such as your phone number and e-mail.
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- Summary (optional) and the summary is a quick overview about your personality, your skills, your experience, and your ambitions, and usually be concise not exceeding a few lines; and then you should highlight your strengths briefly and in a way attract the attention of the employer and explain to him why he should Echtark for the job made it.
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- Education or qualifications: includes courses or qualifications obtained and the various stages of education and arranged in descending order you should start most recent qualification. It must be Zkraljamah, college, the number of years Astgractha, Cycling granted ... etc
How to create a professional CV

- Professional experience: include your position and job title, company name, location, years Astgractha along with the duties and accomplishments. He also arranged in descending order, that is, if you start out with the most recent.

- Interests: exposure Interests favorite but you mention hobbies that carries with it the positive qualities contribute to highlight the distinctive side in a personality.

- Skills: There are personal skills such as the ability to work under pressure and ability to bear the additional burden and skills. And basic skills such as language and computer Windos For example, if the function was related to the sale you can use the skills that must be met PHP seller such as the ability to deal with others and focus on achieving the goals and so on. You also you can also add a special section award obtained by or projects that entered (if any).

- References / Nominations: Select two or three people to recommend your confidence in the job you are applying to it. It Mentioned important and job status, phone numbers and e-mail .fmn could be a manager or your former university professor. Note: through Jobzela you can ask them to do their recommendation or nomination have you said your strengths.
There are thousands of jobs Almottagdmyin What makes your resume something special?

If you look for autobiographical elements mentioned above, we will find that it can be divided into two parts: the first part is a traditional part includes granted personal information such as data, and references, and education; the other part is characterized by innovation and falls below professional experiences, skills, and accomplishments, and summary and hobbies. As the Pena your resume and Celtic are to market yourself and sell your skills to the employer, you must you type in a distinctive and influential and that reflects you the best applicants for the job.

The most important tips to follow

One of the difficulties faced by one researcher working when writing a resume is the lack of familiarity with the job Awacharkh; it is to Aabzl effort to figure out the most important details that will help him in writing a resume. Complacency and neglect is prepared in one way or another will be reflected in it. The most important of these details are the key words used. There are some keywords that must be included in the CV which is the first thing that attracts the attention of the reader so you prudence in the choice of those words. And the meaning behind the professional CV is that the words used in line with the job to be filled.

You can always use your Jobzela to create your resume professionally and that by raising your resume to your account (not available Arabic language) or use your account on LinkedIn or fill in the data manually

There are also templates Biography ready (cv template) and some of the people depend on the adoption of the kidneys
I hope that my article will be useful to you
Good luck

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