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How to Crack the password of any Wi-Fi Network in no time

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How to Crack the password of any Wi-Fi Network in no time

I always enjoy hacking wifi , i'm not evil or bad , i just find some hacking challenges when i try to get the password of neighborhoods Wi-Fi passwords , so i just woke up this morning and say : why i can't share my skills in cracking WIFI passwords with my friends in this blog ? .. so i take my decision to show you today the best ways to crack any wifi passwords in no time and easy . 

- Some Principals you must know befor we start : 

befor we start cracking , we must know some principals thing .. First , you must know that Wi-FI network have 3 main encryptions , first one is WEP , than WPA , and finally WPA2 , also , Wifi's newtwork have also an exploit that we call it WPS , and WPS it's an easy way to connect to a network , but we will use it to crack password . so we have WEP , WPA , WPA2 , WPS .. 

- What we need for cracking Wifi Passwords ?

simply we need 2 or 3 things to crack wifi : 
1 - A Linux System : Linux is the best system that you can crack a Wifi password , or any other hacking you want , for cracking Wifi password , you need one of thos Linux system : Kali Linux ( BackTrack previously ) , BlackArch , Wifiway , Wifislax .. for me i prefer using Wifislax , it the best ...
2 - A Wireless Adapter : if we gonna use virtual Machine to install our Linux system , than we must have a wireless Adapter such as ALFA NETWORK ADAPTER , or LINEFOX .. i prefer using Alfa , if you have the Wifislax System at the main system , you don't have to use wireless adapter . 
3 - some programes to get PIN code ( to access with WPS ) we will talk about that Later . 

so let's start ^__^ . 

- Cracking WEP

WEP is the worst encryption ( for the owner ) , but for as , is the best , you can crack WEP in 5 or 6 minutes , for doing that using WIFISLAX system , we just need GOYSCRIPT : 
How to Crack the password of any Wi-Fi Network in no time
just follow the path on the photo to open GOYSCRIPT WEP , then just select the network that have WEP encryption , and take a coffe and Relax ^__^ , after 5 or 6 minutes , the programme will get you the password of the network .. easy right ?! 

Crack WPA / WPA2

WPA/WPA2 is not easy like WEP encryption , to crack WPA/WPA2 , you need a WORDLIST , a wordlist is a large database that have a lot of probable password , fortunately, there is a millions of wordlist available in the internet , if you have one , you can just use FeedinBottle tool , also FeedingBottle can crack WEP Encryption : 
How to Crack the password of any Wi-Fi Network in no time
if you don't have a wordlist , we will use Wifi Metropolis , this tool can generate automatically passwordlist and try the code without downloading the wordlist .. awsome right : 
How to Crack the password of any Wi-Fi Network in no time

PS : i can't explaine how FeedingBottle and Metropolis work in some lines , so you just have to go to Youtube and type " how Metropolis work " and you will get the point . 

Crack WPS : 

Bully and Reaver .. this 2 tools using Brutforce attack mode to get you the PIN .. The pin is a code with 8 digits that you can find it in Router info , this pin can always connect you to the network even the password is changed , if you got the PIN , you got evrything :) .. however , not all the routers are enabled WPS , so the PIN way not work for any router .. 
How to Crack the password of any Wi-Fi Network in no time
Always .. i can't explain how Reaver and Bully works in few lines , so you must have google it , or seach on youtube for some tutorials .

Is there any other Methods to Crack Wifi ? 

of course .. Wifislax Linux system is full of tools , you can also use phishing to broadcast a fake access point and get the password , you can use Linset EvilTwin tool for that , or you can use also Honeypot .. 

Hacking Wifi is easy as drinking water , you just have to know the encryption , than the best tool for cracking the type of encryption , and drink coffe and watch . 
- This Article is for Educational Purpose ONLY.

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