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How do you achieve success and to remove the hindrances

How do you achieve success
 How do you achieve success and to remove the hindrances: I put in the hands of esteemed readers these tips to avoid failure, which I ask God Almighty to write her acceptance and conciliation.

Will avoid failure
The first problem with the losers is not the they do not want themselves to success, but is in that they do not want it to fail.
The will to succeed and the will of failure: opposites do not mix nor Ertfan Either you want success and failure, but you'll want.
Must remove obstacles before the creation of the house, and must keep the spirit of failure before achieving success.
But the God Almighty wants you to succeed, why you want yourself to failure?

Steps to address the problems
Door closed to him more than a key.
The best way to defend is to attack the problem in front of them.
What creating Bari (Almighty), but the problem and informed dozens of ways to solve them.
Problem solving mathematical problems such as teach you how to overcome the difficulties.

Stay away from sharp corner
Tension prevents the mind from the proper mindset.
You have to take decisions calmly and enthusiastically implemented.
The secret of longevity. The secret of success: calm heart.

How to avoid mistakes?
The problem is not that we make the error, but the problem in that we controlled error.
A thousand times better to avoid the error of his back down later.
Surrounded by mistake mistakes per group such as error and fault management error, but Nkhaddaa him and covered up a line and a line Ngerar with him, but in addition to the error repeated.
There are always two ways to conquer the first error - that go beyond them after that we commit and that is a public way for people to avoid II-falling from the outset and that is the way of the wise.

Do not be afraid of failure
As collapsed without night, nor responded without forks do not spring without the autumn as well as for the success without failure.
Sometimes failure is the only road to success.
Get rid of a node failure is the first step towards achieving success.
HR best way to learn things is a way right and wrong experience.

Bear the losses and start working again
Do not be sad for what you went, but be sad for what did not go after and do not be worried about the chance Diatha Be worried about the present opportunity in your hands.
Dear victory, what I will extol after the defeat! Dear and profit, what Ohlak after the loss! Dear success and what Aroek after failure!
Experience and overcome the loss of the finest human trials.
Loss not taste good, but we are able to overcome through the Maha make a beautiful memory.

Let crucial decisions
The universe does not wait for either one can decide for yourself and to stand in with you either do not make a decision Vijaozk everything in life.
Of the qualities of successful adults they make their decisions, quickly and decisively if they have to give back, they did it very slowly.
Those who do not decide for himself according to their interests.
Crucial decision was wrong, even if much better than Allagherar crucial, even if it is true.

Listen to all the tips and do what will benefit them
Not for the success of one recipe but his dozens of recipes and perhaps some of them fit for people who do not fit to others, and perhaps some of the shortcomings of some Faihrzn complete success after that. It is important that you have to listen to all recipes including works will benefit from them.
Km from small tips made old men?
A scientist said: I owe in all my. Small with the advice given to the wayfarer!
If we did not have before us our fathers and mothers guidance, we are still need someone to teach us how to walk, and how our clothes we wear and how we wash our faces in the morning and how we sit at the dinner table.

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