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Half a million people from 155 countries have applied a "salam" Hajj and Umrah after a year of its launch

Half a million people from 155 countries have applied a "salam" Hajj and Umrah after a year of its launch: Company "pilgrimage Net" HajjNet said that more than half a million people from 155 countries from around the world apply the "peace" for the Hajj and Umrah on smartphones after about a year of its launch Inn, also browse the application, which she described as the first of its kind in more technical world of 7 million people during the last pilgrimage season.

The "pilgrimage Net" that the application is available in six living languages ​​are: Arabic, English, Russian, and Alondonosah, and Malaysia, and Urdu, as well as the French language, and will be launched in Hindi, Persian and Turkish during the next few days.

The company attributed the "great success" for the application to large services provided, where hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from around the Bekaa helped to perform the rituals smoothly and easily that.

"The application is the first of its kind in the world instructs pilgrims from the moment they are planning a pilgrimage, passing through different means of transport, and even book hotels in Mecca and Medina, right down to the performance of rituals and communicate with their families and friends through social pray property."

The application offers the unique feature is the first of its kind in the world of applications on smartphones, a "prayer of social communication" Social Dua to family and friends via Facebook service (digital supplication), where the application provides always continuity between Haj and his family and friends from around the world over the network global, and can friends and family to send to their relative Haj list Organization Bodeithm own to call them out, as Alhaji same can through the application that his friends told that he had called them, in addition to exchange news with them always, and this new feature were not previously exist.

Mr. Ali Dbajh CEO of "pilgrimage Net" The social pray property begins a new chapter in the way Muslims to use technology to communicate with each other, "and I think that Muslims Christbonh". "The real magic begins when your friends tell you, I have called on their behalf supplications they asked you using Facebook or e-mail."

Dbajh and pointed out that "public discourse has focused during the pilgrimage season last year on the many images Alselva taken by pilgrims during their performance of the rituals, and in the various holy sites in Mecca and Medina, but this year will be the new is pray through social networking sites, where will remain Haj connected permanently with his family and his friends, and exchange news with them via Facebook, and they call them own Odeithm which Aousonh them and they send him to use modern technology and organization through the application. "

More countries applying for Downloads

Saudi Arabia has been solved in the first place in terms of the number of downloads increased by 30%, while Egypt came in second place with 11% and Iraq thirdly by 10%. And Apple's application ranked as one of the top 10 travel applications in 59 countries in the world, took first place in 8 countries, and chosen by Apple as the best new application to travel the world.

Visitors to the technological revolution in the House of God service

She says the company "Ag Net" that "peace" application employs technical revolution way, "innovative" and put it in the pilgrims service including making their pilgrimage easier and more accessible, and to save time, effort and money, where the application contains a table of special work every day of the five-day pilgrimage, The contents of the rituals and worship with videos and illustrations, in addition to special to cruise and seek between Safa and Marwa, prayer times, and the direction of direction counter, and counter Digital to date for the next prayer, and methods of prevention of communicable diseases, with complete ease of browsing and the transition between the different sections in the application.

In this context stressed Dbajh: "it is time to harness the technology in visitors to the House of God service of pilgrims and pilgrims from around the world, as the Hajj is the largest Islamic gathering in the year, we have observed a lack of the existence of intelligent applications to serve the people and to facilitate their pilgrimage note that the goal First of technology is to help people in various aspects of life, from here our thinking came in the creation of peace application, and make it to the worshipers of God service everywhere to facilitate their pilgrimage and save time and effort on them, so that dedicate themselves to the worship of Almighty God, and to draw closer to him by prayer and supplication and good deeds. "

Hajj map and track friends

The company said that the application, which is sponsored by Dettol company, another new service of its kind, offers a "pilgrimage map and keep track of friends lost" in the midst of the season, where he was a lot of pilgrims and parents are wasting each other in the Hajj and Umrah seasons because of the large crowds, with peace application map ended "Lost" Forever, providing a map "smart and innovative" way to keep track of friends and companions wherever they are, quite accurately, that in addition to all the necessary services facilities sites, hospitals, restaurants and markets and metro stations hotels, and all the sacred and important places in Mecca and Medina and Jeddah, Mina, Arafat, with explanation adequate for each of them.

Daily life support for Muslims everywhere and anytime

Although the "peace" specialized application in the Hajj and Umrah, except that it offers, according to the company, "Ag Net", and many other services for Muslims in different places and in different times, and not only in the pilgrimage season, where the application on the Qibla direction from anywhere in the Contains the world, and prayer by Almtqh which you are located, special events and the most important holidays of the Islamic Koran in addition to a full schedule.

The application is available "peace" for smartphones that Android operating system iMac or ABS, and can be downloaded from Google Play store for the first, and store App Store the other system.

Referred to the company "Pilgrim Net" it had been founded in 2012 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates City, with offices in "pioneering technical work center" Dubai Silicon Oasis, and launched the application of the "peace" Hajj and Umrah in 2014.

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