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Google launches a new update to the Google Wallet application on the iPhone and iPad devices

Google Wallet application
Google launches a new update to the Google Wallet application on the iPhone and iPad devices: Google Inc. has launched a new update to the application of Google Wallet for electronic payments on the iPhone and iPad devices to change the way his work completely.

And became a function of the new application is limited to conversion and receive money between users is similar to the service Paypal, but what sets it apart is the ability to transfer money to someone else, even if did not have an account on the Google Wallet.

The old application was allowed to register credit cards inside it to complete the payment operations safely and without having to fill in data cards with each purchase.

Google revealed changes in the Google Wallet service in the month of May / May of this year, where she said that the service after the changes became to send and receive money only, as has updated the application of the service on Android earlier in the month of September / September this.

The company embarked on the move after it officially launched its service for electronic payments Android Pay to compete with Apple's so-mail service to pay Apple Pay addition to Samsung Samsung Pay service.

And operate the new version of the application on the system iOS 7 and beyond for the Apple smart, and version 4.0.3 of Android and beyond.

Android Pay and allow the new service to all users of Android 4.4 and beyond and that carry communications devices sensor near-term NFS Order in place more than a million in the United States of America.

The Google Android any electronic payment service launched in September / September this within the United Alolat US only with the promise of providing more than one place in the world gradually.

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