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Google displays the constitutions of some countries in the details of the search engine

Google Inc. announced a new update in the search engine added access to the constitutions of some countries directly from the search engine in collaboration with Constitute project.

This feature coincides with the launch of the celebration of Constitution Day in the United States which falls on September 17 / September this.

The company said in a blog post published on her blog your search engine The goal of this feature is to facilitate access to information, which Google is working to improve it constantly. She added that from today can access the constitutions of some countries around the world for their information and comparison among them.

The list of currently supported countries 12 countries are Afghanistan, Bhutan, Estonia, Finland, France, Iceland, Japan, Laos, Latvia as well as Micronesia, Norway, Ukraine and finally the United States, with promises to add more countries at a later date.

The new feature can experience by writing a constitution in the search engine to show the Constitution of the United States with the possibility of a review of all constitutions throughout history, you can also choose the state and see the constitution immediately and without leaving the search engine.

Google and constantly improve its search results in all disciplines, having recently worked on updating algorithms and search results on diseases and their symptoms and possible treatments have to include more than 900 disease, including rare tropical diseases, after it was limited to only 400 disease.

The Google Inc. became a subsidiary company within Olfabt company after the restructuring that took place in August / August elapsed to become all Google services, including a sub-process companies.

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