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Facebook beats Google as the best place to work in the United Kingdom

best place to work in the United Kingdom
 Facebook beats Google as the best place to work in the United Kingdom: Facebook won the first place for the best workplace in the list published by the site Glassdoor specialized functions, while Google got the last place, and the list includes 25 best place to work in the United Kingdom, and share most of the companies that it is working in the field of information technology.

According to estimates and analyzes of the site, which was launched in 2008 to get Facebook ranked first as the best place to work in the United Kingdom in terms of wages and working conditions within the statistics in 2015.

As part of the same list has Google got the last place on the list while other huge companies did not exist and did not get on the list or on the order of preference, such as Microsoft.

It is dominated by technology companies and consulting on the menu where I got three of them on top of the centers within the first four companies, namely Facebook in the first place and MediaMath in third place and Equal Experts in fourth place.

The report points out that the financial strength of the companies did not affect the opinion of the participants or improve their chances in the order, where the existence of the list to indicate companies are small but choice among job seekers.

This is due to the privileges offered to its employees, such as health care for the family and free food and generous allowances for holidays and the presence of gaming platforms within the offices and corporate headquarters.

He pointed out one of the staff within Facebook to see what looked great privileges such as access to breakfast, lunch and dinner for free and healthy work environment and culture of the amazing work.

Full list:

    Jive Software
    Equal Experts
    Holiday Extras
    McKinsey and Company
    Newton Europe
    New Voice Media
    Bain and Company
    Imperial Tabacco

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